A Letter to Rosaline from Romeo in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

A Letter to Rosaline from Romeo. Romeo is expressing his heart-ache, pledges his devotion, begs for a meeting.

Dear Rosaline,

This letter I write to request thee to give me a place in thy heart. Written hath I many a love poem to express my love to thee to reply thine hath not. Rosaline, my first love, is thee. My heart yearneth for nothing else other than thy love. My heart desireth thee since the day I cast my eyes unto thee. To love hath I anyone else apart from thee. Thy love would not like to spend his life with anyone else other than thee.

However, my heart bleedeth because you hath refuseth to give thy love unto me. Waited hath I for so long to get thine reply, and thee hath turned me into a grieving idiot. Pain and suffering hath I endured as I wait to hear from thee. Giveth hath I my love unto thee, but you hath not taken it. Mournfully have I lived, my dear Rosaline, all because thee hath refused to honor my love unto thee.

From the bottom of my heart do I love thee, but to love back thee hath refused totally. Thee hath not taketh the love that I have giveth unto you. Into a melancholic man have I turned, as my broken heart yearneth for thine. My mind hath I almost lost because of your refusal to talk unto me. I have become the epitome of depression, all because thee wont to love me back.

Done hath I everything to please you. Penned hath I the most romantic poems to woo the heart but nothing hath I received. I have tried to do anything to meet you, and you have always been trying to avoid me. The first time I cast my eyes unto thee I thought that I hath got a road to somewhere, I thought that love is sweet and enjoyable; bringeth peace and joy but heart ache and depression hath I got from thee.

Thy love would really like to know what you feeleth about him; thy love would like to know whether you love him. I would like to know whether there is a future for you and me. This is because; you are the woman of my dreams. You are then only one I can love with all my heart, but my heart is now aching and bleeding because you have refused to acknowledge my love.

Do you know how it feels to love someone who doesn’t love you back? My dear Rosaline, my love for thee is true and strong. I don’t know which reservations thee hath, but thy love guarantees you the best loving and care that this world can ever give.

Thy love is begging for thy attention.I beg that you listen to my pleas. Give thy love a chance to meet thee and declare his love. I would like thee to spare some time for thy love to show who he really is. Everything hath I done nut unfruitful hath been my efforts to please thee. I have been trying to do anything to meet you, but my efforts have not been fruitful.

Many emissaries hath I sent unto thee to you to request you to give me a chance to talk but no response hath thee giveth unto them. Tried hath I your attention to get, but nothing has come by. This is my first time to fall in love. I thought love was sweet and enjoyable. I thought that love bringeth pleasure unto my heart and happiness unto my life. I thought that falling in love with you maketh my dreams come true.

My dear Rosaline, thy love suffering and is in a real depression. Into deep hole hath, I sunk, and you are the only one that can removeth thy love from that hole. Please come, my dear, please come we reason together. Please let me meet thee and tell me what thee thinketh about me. Thy love would like to hear from thee. I would like to heareth from thine mouth.

Thy love would love to see thee in person. To send anyone else unto you, I don’t want. I want to tell you what is in my heart straight from my mouth, and you will tell me what is in your heart straight from your mouth. Begging am I fro this chance of a lifetime.

A chance that will let me know whether I have thine love or hath I wasteth my time and emotions. I believeth in thine love. I believeth you love me, but thee don’t want to say. However, thine silence is strumming the pain that is in my heart. Thine silence killeth me softly as about you, and I cannot stop thinking.

My dear Rosaline, please bring me back to life by giving me thine love. As I finish, I would like to kindly request thee to meet me at the Grimsby lawns on Saturday afternoon. There will be waiting for thee. I hope you spareth some time for the man who wants to shower you with endless love. Please don’t break my heart anymore. I really want thee to know that I really love thee and I can do anything to prove my love for thee. Forever I will cherish you in my heart.

Yours affectionately

Romeo Montague

A love poem was written by Romeo to Juliet using the Shakespearean English

A story of Love

A story of love and loss existeth.

Alive today their love star crosseth.

A family feud existeth barring the love,

And feud lay in her glory and grace.

My wild damsel bold, she breaketh the rules all.

Her beauty defeateth the stars up in the skies.

A look upon her face bringeth teats to the eyes.

Her family lays in wealth and careth not for the have -nots

She walketh out on them for love hath she for the man.

For her, man is grand, albeit he a moor.

He is so grand and true, but the money he lacketh.

Our families forbid white and black love.

The cover must they, the white and black love that we cherish.

We sneaketh and hideth kissing out of their sight.

The love we maketh all night, as thy parents hate.

You and I were kissing down in the hall one day.

Upon us came the light that spoileth it all.

Fired was I and casteth out to the streets

But love so strong, the distance it beateth.

You and I by the ocean each night we stealeth

Eternal devotion keepeth our love true and sound.

She standeth by his side, in times hardest hit.

Cometh hath time, choices of life we maketh.

Cometh hath time, us to get married.

But rue the day, when thine parents findeth.

Our love so strong, our love so true,

Your parents so cold, our love they wasteth.

You are the only one I love

As I see you from the balcony,

to my soliloquy, I listen.

What you have heard, I knoweth not.

But my heart means every word I uttered.

To you, I won’t lie.

When thine eyes met mine, I knew,

your world and thine had just begun.

The young soul, you and I were, as the story started.

You, Juliet, and I Romeo.

You are my only one and be your only one

Together shall we remain even death will part us.

Though mine and thine families feud,

strong you and I must be

Till my dying day shall I love you

although our families don’t get along,

Even the fates will forever sayeth

Pure and true my love for you was

In my heart, you lasteth till eternity

None shall stop my love from coming through

Not my family, not your family will ever stop this

Nothing would stop you from coming through,

Thine and my family our love shall never see

And nothing doeth they can separate us

Thine arms my castle, thine heart my home

My friend you’ve become and that the truth I speaketh

Apart they want us, but nothing they doeth can change the love we hath

Forever shall my love remain my star and my pride.

You and I are deep in love, no one that doubteth

You’ve opened your heart to me and I so will I doeth

Situation no matter, together shall we remain.

Day and night me thinketh of you worrying if my love is alright.

Not a single day will thine love forget,

The love that you and I have had.

For you are the only one, and the one only truly hath I.

Together you and I to eternity shall we march.

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