Adult Education: Reasons to Continue Studying

There are numerous reasons that are compelling me to return to school. These reasons include the desire to improve my career skills so as to be competitive in the job market. I feel that my education level is not enough, and it is limiting me from achieving what I am aspiring for.

When I was working with H-young Company, I realized that my colleagues were being promoted based on their education level. For me, I remained in the same position despite working hard for the company. This spurred me to go back to college so that I boost my knowledge as well as my curriculum vitae. It dawned on me that my salary would remain the same for long if I did not take a step to increase my academic qualifications.

In addition, I had, for a long time, wished to be among the employees earning the highest salary. This can not be possible without me having some better credentials to prove to employers that I deserve high pay. The only way to achieve this will be going back to class and increasing my qualifications. Most companies will be willing to retain me because of my experience and services I will be giving the company.

Thirdly, going back to school will enable me to better my future. The way one deals with life takes things and interacts with people who differ from the level of education. There is much difference between educated people and those that are uneducated. As a result, returning to school will help me learn how to organize myself as well as relate to society. I like studying all the time. Thus, I take to school as part of my life, and I really enjoy going back to school whenever I get an opportunity.

When I manage to complete my college degree, I will have more chances of getting a job as well as pursuing a higher degree. This will also enable me to better my future. I always feel satisfied when I complete or accomplish my dreams and visions. As one of my mission is to become one of the best-paid employees, by going back to college, I will have achieved it.

There are social and financial challenges that will limit me from pursuing my degree. Coming from a poor family, my parents may not be in the apposition to cater to my education. In addition, after staying for long without studying, I have developed a habit of hating books.

Once I pick a book to study, I normally find myself sleeping. At times, my mind is occupied with other things, and I fail to concentrate. I fear that this will be some of the challenges I will encounter as I go back to school. I like the entertainment very much. As a result, I spend most of my leisure time watching television. I will really miss this as I will not have a lot of leisure time.

There are changes in lifestyle that I ought to make so as to effectively pursue my degree. These include watching television during leisure time and also my attitude towards books. I will be required to use my leisure time revising class work so as to be on par with lecturers. A change in attitude will boost my concentration level hence helping me understand whatever is taught.

Apart from changing my lifestyle, I intend to use some of the savings I had made in paying my college fee. I also intend to be looking for part-time jobs during vacations to help my parents in paying for my education.

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