American Presidents: John F. Kennedy’s Biography


This paper discusses about the life of John F Kennedy, from his childhood till his assassination. This includes his educational background, interested activities he had done and more overly about the Peace Corps, one of the important successful missions John F Kennedy had made while he was president.


John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the 35th President of United States of America. He is considered as one of the outstanding Presidents of USA. Even though there were many controversies or problems during his presidency, he tried to tackle all the problems he faced and gave hope and belief to the citizens.

He won Pulitzer Prize award for the book he had written. This paper explains the life of John F Kennedy and his mission, which was introduced when he was President of United States of America.

Earlier life and education

“John Fitzgerald Kennedy, son of Joseph Patrick Kennedy and Rose Fitzgerald, was born in Brookline, Massachusetts, on 29th May, 1917.” (Spartacus Educational).

Kennedy lived in his birthplace for almost ten years. He had undergone his basic education that is from kindergarten through the beginning of 3rd grade from Brookline’s public school. After completing 3rd grade he joins Noble and Greenough lower school for doing his 4th grade.

After this Kennedy has to move to Riverdale, which is in New York City with his parents. He completed his 5th to 7th grade from Riverdale Country School. For 8th grade Kennedy studied in Canterbury School, which is in New Milford, Connecticut. After completing the 8th grade Kennedy went to Connecticut for undergoing the grade 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th from a private boarding school.

The name of the school was Choate school. While doing graduation, in a class of 115 Kennedy got 64th rank. In 1935 Kennedy has been admitted in the hospital for nearly two months as he was suffering from illness.

After his illness was over he started working on his first thesis and he was able to complete his thesis, which was about British policy in 1940 and in the same year itself he published his thesis. After this Kennedy helped his father to write his memory about the life when his father was American ambassador for three years.

Military Service

Kennedy’s military service started when he joins the US armed forces in 1941.He under gone many training camps from there. Once all it was successfully completed he was put in a position to the leadership the boat named Patrol Torpedo.

Kennedy didn’t have any good experience when he was in the charge of the boat. The enemy named Japanese destroyer has charged at Kennedy’s boat. But at that instance Kennedy didn’t loss over his control of the mind. Only because of Kennedy’s bravery and courage most of the crews in the boat were rescued. He received many awards from the government for the effort he had made to rescue the boat.

Kennedy in politics

It was in June 17, 1946 Kennedy made his first entry in to politics by winning eleventh congressional district from Massachusetts and in November same year he was elected as a representative in the house. Kennedy’s marriage was taken place with Jacqueline Lee Bouvier in 1953 September 12.

The article published in the website clearly mentioned about Jacqueline Lee Bouvier. She was born in the place called Southampton which is in New York. Her father name is John ‘Jack’ Vernou Bouvier and her mother name is Janet Norton Lee. (First Lady Biography).

In the year 1957 Kennedy got the Pulitzer Prize for the book named ‘Profiles in Courage’. It was in the year 1960 Kennedy won the nomination for the Presidential election and he became the USA’s 35th president in the year 1961. Kennedy has signed many executive orders when he was President and one of the important one is Peace Corps. The main aim of Peace Corps is to serve others.

For this there will be many American Volunteers, who will go to other countries to help the people there by meeting their needs. Kennedy’s Peace Corps volunteers meet the various challenges in the world with innovation, determination, creativity and compassion.

He signed another important bill, which provided retirement benefits for all people aged above 62. In 1962 Kennedy issued an order for banning racial discrimination in house. It was in 22nd November 1963 Kennedy passed away. He was killed when he was riding. This tragedy had happened in the streets of Dallas. (John F. Kennedy).


Kennedy’s assassination was one of the national tragedies. Many of the historians re-evaluate the presidency of Kennedy and feel that many of his dreams are unfulfilled and there is no doubt that Kennedy remains one of the admired presidents of United States.

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