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Market plan

Innovative contemporary technology has brought about a remarkable transformation in the mold of the modern day society. The spectacular and radical transformations that have occurred in the past few decades is indicative of the consequences of human endeavor to embark on countless new inventions and incessant search and quest for new things.

With regards to such development courses, the economic arena and business scenario has dynamically engaged in taking on a variety of inventive enhancement systems so as to proactively take part in the trend of globalization aligned with the constraints set by time and this I believe is the strongest element of Apple and once I complete my course in marketing, I can take this approach to a new level.

Apple is one of the biggest giant in Electronics sector and they are really leaders in their sector and I believe that change and innovation are the two most important aspects of Apple and it is the best possible marketing plan. Farhad Manjoo’s article, ‘Invincible Apple: 10 Lessons From the Coolest Company Anywhere’, published in FastCompany, indicates exactly this idea (Manjoo 1).

The author indicates that “Dell wants to be the Apple for business; Zipcar the Apple for car sharing” (Manjoo 1) and this is all because of Apple’s market plan of innovation and change. Macintosh computers and recently launched products like iPod, iPhone and iPad are their most popular brands.

The other companies deal with all the aspects relating to computer but the specialty of Apple is limited in these cases. So it is preferable that they should not venture in these avenues. They must go on to upgrade their products and not to get involved with the other giants in the sector. One of the most sought after technologies in future will be the voice recognition computers.

The computers will offer more security and other facilities in all the cases. A number of companies are researching on this project and Apple should concentrate on that field. Apple is recently one of the most profitable companies financially and also in this economically slow market they are making progress. So there will be no dearth of funds in this case and it will give the company a huge boost in their market value.

Marketing planning

Marketing planning is a method whereby an organization can position itself to create an advantageous situation for its future by capitalizing on its opportunities, addressing diverse challenges and providing adequate leadership qualities that facilitate and promote progress and change.

The process of strategic planning incorporates an in-depth planning model that takes place over time with both individual and community involvement. Apple’s embedded concepts tend to dominate modern concepts of strategy; ranging from the early Design and Planning to the more contemporary marketing.

As a graduate of marketing learning it would be easy to keep focusing on these narrow premises, but as a manager I will better served if they try to fathom the wider picture which I would. In accordance to the fundamentals of the strategically formulated design marketing the success lies in the fact that it considers the basic balance between opportunities and threats with basic strength.

This process of thinking is directly implemented on the employees by the board of senior management groups and the consolidation is executed in the process of implementations and this is in direct alignment with Farhad Manjoo’s article (Manjoo 1).

Developing marketing strategies

As a marketing student I know that according to the positioning strategy formation is an analytical process that converts strategic management to the level of a scientific enquiry consolidates the content in such a systematic way to align it perfectly with the prevalent dictums of approaching strategy.

Economics, industrial organization and military history are the focal points of this school of strategy making and Harvard professor Michael Porter provided major impetus in 1980 who furnished important information on the aspects of strategic positioning in academic and military strategy dating as far back as 500BC.

Porter’s “five forces model” – a strategy model that analyzes competitive external environment situations has emerged as a defining force in strategy formulation.

Writers, consultants and people with an analytical frame of mind find the strategic program of the positioning school rather helpful and are wholesomely facilitated by its deployment. The message emanating from this school is to critically analyze, evaluate and calculate situations before committing to it or trying to create something new.

However, it is unfortunate that such extremely cautious approach debilitates strategy making to mere formal analysis bound in generic positions and stands as an impediment to actual progression and growth as mentioned by Farhad Manjoo’s article (Manjoo 1). Once I am with Apple, I would definite change this scenario and implement more modern and contemporary method (Dombrowski 190-202).


Ideally, the strategy formulation of the present day should be a combination of the ten traditional approaches and synthesize concepts of judgmental decision, intuitive visioning and emergent learning. It should be capable of generating transformation as well as enhancing perpetuation.

It has to deal with such disparate elements as individual cognition and social interaction, co-operative as well as conflicting ideas. Situations must be meticulously analyzed before and after programming as well as negotiating during the process.

The entire endeavor must emerge as the logical solution of what can be termed as a demanding environment. However, the high demand must not derail Apple from its ethical goals. This is important as proper ethics is the only element that ensures the longevity of a company. I would safeguard the ethical elements once I join you company.

Implementing and controlling the marketing plan

Since the goal of the positioning marketing was to concentrate solely on bare facts and dispense all other possibilities it actively engineered planners and analysts to penetrate the surface realities of industry situations and delve into the hard core of data that underlies strategy formation.

As such, these analysts were effectively trained to promote scientific truths and provide information to adapt to diverse situations and gained immediate popularity among analytical strategic groups (Dombrowski 190-202).

In accordance to my implementing and controlling the marketing plan, the central goal of the entrepreneurial approach is to envision innovative ideas and theories and seek to centralize them to facilitate future developments.

However, the single most important flaw that riddles this school of thought is that often the intuitive ideas of the leader are lost on the group and as a result, much confusion ensues out of the misinterpretation of goals. With better formulation and planned approach, this can be rectified and I am in the best position to achieve it. Thus, it is obvious that once I graduate, I would be the best possible candidate to join you and help your company grow even larger.

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