Bachelor of Science in Web Design and Development: Scholarship Application

My life is full of numerous challenges, adventures, and emotions, this is why I can hardly agree with the opinion supported by people that it is impossible to get education, bring up a baby, and make the cherished dreams come true. Though it is hard to follow personal interests and demands all the time, many people are ready to do their best to achieve the highest results and I am such a person. I do not want to feel sorry for myself or try to prove that the conditions under which I have to live are not perfect.

Still, I am strong enough to admit that sometimes, additional help may be required. When several goals are set, it is obvious that one should definitely face some problems to achieve the established goals. I have already born a baby, and now, I understand that my goal is to provide my son with safe and sound future and show him the world the way I see it. Still, there is another aim to be set to achieve my primary goal. I have to obtain education to be able to earn money and help my child become a successful man. Therefore, I am eager to make people believe in my strong desire to apply for scholarship that will help me find the necessary balance in life.

I understand that education is not always free or, at least, cheap. Good knowledge has its own price, and my desire to become an expert in the chosen sphere makes me perform a number of activities and fight for my right to become a successful student. There are so many students who enter schools and colleges just in order to do something and continue education. My reasons are more sophisticated and more carefully considered. I have certain duties in regard to my son, my family, and my friends. I do not want to be a burden to anyone and disappoint those whom I love. I am ready to appreciate the chance and enjoy the scholarship offered.

Some people may wonder what makes me think that my education will be fruitful. In fact, I have an idea to create a website that will be interesting and helpful for many people. However, certain background knowledge is required, and this is why I am here proving my right for the scholarship. Someone may think that the Internet world is full of competitions, and it may be hard to attain the required goals. I truly believe that my passion and experience will help me succeed. Life is not easy; still, I know that study in college receiving a scholarship can make it easier and more successful.

My promises and demands are not empty. I understand that at least one life depends on my success, and I cannot let down the person who believes in me. A developed and well-educated individual should have sufficient knowledge and firmly established personal values. My personal values have been already formulated; now, it is time to acquire the necessary knowledge education. I am ready, and I want to do my best in studying and get the opportunity to be financially supported.

I realize the choice that is going to be made is not easy as there are so many people who deserve the scholarship. My grounds are indeed very strong: I want to be a good mother and make my son be proud of me. I do not want to become a bad example of unsuccessful woman with a lot of problems. I want to avoid disappointments in future. Now, much depends on other people’s decision, but I have already made my own one. I will always believe in myself because I have defined my goals, and I know that I want to be useful for the world and for my son in particular.

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