Benefits of Being and Staying Positive

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The secret of character and leadership

It is commonplace that character forms the basis on which all pertinent decisions that influence leadership can be made. It should also be noted that a leader’s behavior is the best indicator of his or her character.

As a result, scholars have argued that wise leaders tend to succeed more than their counterparts, since they will make better choices about the staff members they employ. This implies that they utilize their positions effectively to recruit personnel as cover for areas in which they have a deficiency.

A fact that should be known by all employees is that character bears no monetary value. This implies that personal, moral character, honesty and sincere behavior cannot be purchased at any vending outlet.

This portends an ethical dilemma, since the present day market conditions may influence persons towards making immoral decisions, just to survive the cut-throat nature of business competition.

Present-day leaders should take actions that are influenced by a character based on moral beliefs and behaviors. The same factors should also influence their decisions and the policies they adopt. This will enable them realize that trust is an integral part of any working relationship.

They will also appreciate the fact that looking out for employee interests will guarantee a healthy future for the firm. Most importantly, they will realize that kindness is a manifestation of maturity and strength, as opposed to being a sign of weakness.

Successful leaders make decisions after a thorough reasoning and extensive soul searching. This will enable them to acknowledge and appreciate efforts placed by the team members during company operations. He will also exhibit patience, while using plenty of kind words that encourage employees to work towards opportunities for improvement.

Benefits of being and staying positive

Leaders and other persons who have a positive outlook on life command the respect and admiration of many persons in the society. It should also be noted that a positive attitude may also come in handy when a person is faced with challenges in life or at work, since it makes challenges appear to be lighter.

Maintaining a positive attitude has often proved to be an uphill endeavor, due to the influence of negative emotions like frustration, which constitute daily life experiences. This calls for one to establish several targets and put in enough effort to realize them.  It also calls for continuous practice and the right viewpoint towards life in order to achieve this.

Those who remain positive have influenced others to adopt the same attitude, by changing the impression these people had of them. It has also enabled leaders maintain the devotion of their followers, by evoking and maintaining their interest in the leader and his or her programs (Campbell 81).

Most importantly, positive leaders can help their subordinates to achieve their goals as they will have a different outlook towards them. On the flip side, this also helps the administrator realize his goals, since their success implies his success too.

Summarily, leaders with a positive outlook are necessary due to the effect they have on their subjects. This attitude ensures the employees remain assured about their ability, hence inspires confidence in themselves, their leader and the job they are doing. Most importantly, leaders with a positive attitude motivate their subjects by harnessing their creative energy, which makes them want to improve.

Dealing positively and successfully with problems

Different analogies have been used to illustrate the results of adopting positive and negative attitudes when faced with challenges in life. One of these includes the use of a carrot, egg, coffee beans and hot water. Hot water is used to represent tribulations while carrots, eggs and coffee beans represent the temperaments of various leaders.

Different temperaments yield different results when subjected to a standard set of challenges. While some make the best put of the situation and advance their position, it is a pity that most of the leaders crumble in such circumstances.

This implies that all their efforts and that of their subordinates often amount to nothing. Leaders are advised to conjure up means of dealing positively with tribulations to avoid finding themselves in a similar predicament.

When a carrot is exposed to hot water, it can be undercooked, overcooked, or get cooked to the required level. This is determined by the duration of exposure to this environment. With the egg, the longer the duration of exposure, the better the result realized. For the coffee beans, their exposure to hot water often dilutes the flavor of the product, making it undesirable.

From the case of the coffee beans, we learn that staying positive ensures the personality of the leader interacts with the problem. This leaves them better placed since they can learn from these experiences and emerge stronger.

From the case of the egg, it is evident that tribulations make persons stronger and wiser, making them more valuable than before. The analogy of the carrot leaders can learn the fact that staying positive transforms them into flexible grateful and compassionate individuals.

Leaders can improve by converting their tribulations to pleasures. This implies that they concentrate on the solution as opposed, to focusing on the problem. Research into their problems and methods of fixing them offers the best illustration of this principle.

They can also learn from their problems and promptly abandon them. This helps them improve and grow to become experienced persons. Most importantly, they should be able to draw on their inner strengths. This includes persons who love and look up to them. This will help them to conjure up visions and experiences that guarantee fulfillment.

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