Biography of Charles Augustus Lindbergh

Charles Augustus Lindbergh is an American pilot, has made the first non-single transatlantic flight. He was born on Feb. 4, 1902, in Detroit. He received primary education in the Little Falls (Minnesota pieces), in 1920-1922 he studied at the University of Wisconsin, where the passion for aviation. In 1924 the school became a cadet in the U.S. Air Reserve, Brooks Field, then a pilot and military postal service.

To take part in the struggle for the prize of 25 000 dollars designated for the first successful transatlantic flight, Lindbergh took a loan to build a special monoplane. Designed by J. Hall plane “Spirit of St. Louis” was built at the company “Ryan” in San Diego. On May 10, 1927, Lindbergh flew it from San Diego to New York with an intermediate landing in St. Louis; total flight time was 21 hours 45 minutes – it was a record of a transcontinental flight.

On May 20, Lindbergh Field flight starts with the Roosevelt Field in New York State, and after 33 hours and 30 minutes, landed at Le Bourget airport near Paris. Flight has made the world a stir: “Lindy” became a national hero and made many trips to various countries in the world. In May 1929, Lindbergh married Anne Morrow, daughter of U.S. Ambassador in Mexico.

With his flight, Lindbergh changed the world. It seems that Earth once became smaller. However, the pilot did not suspect that his actions will change their lives. Since that evening, he became the object of veneration and game. He was the first hero of the new era. Why did he have this fate? Lindbergh was handsome; his character was perfect; he suited to the role of hero (Berg, 1999).

Not so long ago with the help of radio, telephone and telegraph made it possible to distribute news for a few seconds. Cinema stood on the threshold of an era of sound. For the first time, the whole world has been in touch with a great event. But Lindberg, whose flight across the Atlantic has established a new degree of freedom of movement, he will never be able to move freely – for him everywhere to follow the crowd.

As a second pilot and navigator, along with her husband, she has mastered many transoceanic air routes. In parallel, Lindberg worked as a technical consultant on two airlines: “Transcontinental end Western Air Transport” and “Pan American.” In March 1932, a terrible tragedy occurred: he was kidnapped and later killed two-year son Lindberg.

The desire to get rid of the obtrusive media attention has forced them to move to Europe. In 1936 at the invitation of Field Marshal Goering, Lindberg visited the German aviation centers. While visiting Germany in 1938, the German government submitted him to the medal.

This fact, as well as public appeals Lindberg to the neutrality of the United States, which he made in 1940 on his return to America, has drawn sharp criticism from President F. Roosevelt. This forced Lindberg to waive the rank of Colonel U.S. Air Force (Berg, 1999).

However, when the U.S. entered the Second World War, he took part in it as a civilian, as a consultant to the Pacific theater of military action on the special recommendation of the American government. After the war, he participated in the technical mission, sent to Germany to study the achievements of the country’s aircraft. In 1954 received the rank of Brigadier General.

Lindberg is the author of several books: “We,” 1927, “Of Flight and Life,” 1948, “The Spirit of St. Louis”, 1953 – autobiography, for which he received the Pulitzer Prize), military blogs (Wartime Journals, 1970). He was awarded the Medal of the Congress and the Cross of Merit. In 1970 he became an active advocate for the environment. Lindbergh died in Kipahulu on Hawaii on the 26th of August 1974 (Linden, 2004).

A quarter-century after the famous flight, Lindbergh wrote the book “The Spirit of St. Louis”. Referring again to the beginning of his career, as if the author requests the reader silently erase from memory, the image of the pre-Nazi agitators. The book symbolizes the rise of American literary author receives the Pulitzer Prize in the nomination “biography.”

The seventh ten Lindberg begins a new round of public life: his concern to preserve the global ecosystem, it is – the defender of rare animals, Arabian camel, and blue whales. In late life, he published the book “War diaries of Charles Lindberg.”

Sharing life on the “before” and “after” the pre-events (the theme of “before” – in the previous book, “after” – in the new) and talking about his participation in the war with Japan, the author again crosses shameful band of his life (Kramer, 2002).

It should be noted that Lindbergh traveled to Germany in 1936 on behalf of the U.S. government to draw up a report on the status of the German war industry. He met with the Minister of Aviation Reich Goering. In Berlin, Lindbergh attended the opening of the Olympic Games, standing next to Hitler.

Germany made a strong impression on him, and even Anna, his wife, was deeply impressed with the Fuhrer. In a letter to his mother, she called Hitler “a great man” and “prophet.” During the third visit to Berlin, Lindberg was awarded the German Order. The couple is considering and that to live for some time in Germany. Only in November 1938 when, after “Kristallnacht” pogroms of Jews reached its peak, they left this idea.

In fact, part of his mission was pure of intelligence nature. In his report, he wrote that the Germans had created an excellent aircraft. And he advised a reasonably immediate focus on the reinforcement of American aircraft. “Because – he wrote – very soon in Europe, a war will start. But we must keep away from this war. Because no one can beat Germany.”

The more he learned of the Nazis, the less they liked him. But first, he, being very rational, endorsing the economic achievements of the Nazi government. For example, low unemployment, industrialization. And that is built on blood, but he did not know. Lindberg believed that if the war in Europe will flare up, it will be between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.

And he hoped that if America does not intervene in the war, the two dragons – Germany and the Soviet Union – started a brawl, after which they weaken each other so that the totalitarianism of the world will come to an end. Of course, it was a terrible political naivety. He was a rationalist, and spoke, not taking into account the psychological factors.

In September 1939, at the age of 37, Lindberg made a speech in the State of Iowa at a meeting of supporters of isolationism policy. “The leaders of two nations, the British and the Jews – he said – for reasons that are quite understandable and justified, want to drag us into war, devastating for us. The danger of the Jewish group is that Jews in America make up the majority of the owners or influential staff at all the press and cinema, as well as among members of the government. ” (Linden, 2004)

If the anti-Semite is a person who hates Jews, Charles Lindbergh was not anti-Semitic. In his letters, there is a rapt review about Jews as a nation. He has helped several Jewish families to escape from Nazi Germany. But Lindberg considered Jews by others, not worse, just different.

He believed that Jews are a special group in the state, which has some great plans for this group, and political ideas. All this together has destroyed the reputation of Lindbergh. And in the opinion of the society, he was guilty not only of anti-Semitism but in almost anti-Americanism. Because one of the main principles of the United States is the equality of all ethnic and religious groups. We are all equal in the melting pot of America.

Since the beginning of the war, he was in favor of neutrality – despite the sentiment of many Americans. The popularity of Lindbergh falls – especially after the delivery of the German Order and the publication of a report on the status of the Air Force in Germany. Newspapers put him as a fool who conducted the Nazis (Berg, 1999).

After the war, he stated that he considered the Soviet Union the greatest evil and called for a “western wall” against the Mongols, the Persians, and the Moors. “In disputes about the neutrality of it – a sharp opponent of President Roosevelt, who called for the U.S. entry into the war.

But after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Lindbergh polemic with the President ended. America is in danger, and Lindberg is vomiting on the front. But power is not forgiven by his opponent, Defense Minister made it clear enough to the famous American pilot; the Government does not believe him.

As a civilian, Lindbergh at his own risk led the war for their country and, more importantly, for his reputation. He went to the front in the form that he bought in a store, without emblems and stars. If Lindbergh was in captivity, flying over enemy territory, according to international laws, he would be considered partisan.

Lindberg has committed about 50 missions for the war, though none wanted him to take part in this war, especially the U.S. president. This was a private war of Lindbergh. It is not an American hero and not his father, who felt compassion for the whole world. On the contrary, many treat it with prejudice – Lindberg saw the National Socialists, as he several times visited by Nazi Germany, and when criticized it, very cautiously (Giblin, 1997).

Lindbergh continued to be the adviser of the Air Force, where he was awarded the rank of Brigadier General. For a book of memoirs, he received the prestigious award. Subsequent years old airman held in the separation between the three houses owned by him – in America, Switzerland, and Hawaii.

The older Lindberg became, the more skeptical he commented on the aircraft. Once, he hoped that the flights would join the world. Now people are using the aircraft intruded into the most remote corners of the earth, in places where, according to Lindberg, they are not needed. “People – he once said – need wildlife.

He made generous donations to the World Wildlife Fund, traveled to East Africa and the Philippines. During the Vietnam War, he was almost in the first place is concerned that many wild animals, especially elephants, savagely destroying the American bombs. “Birds are more important than aircraft,” – he wrote in 1964.

Lindbergh survived the triumphs, suffering, and delusion. But the main thing – he was the first who sensed by the limitless power of the media. Lindbergh, a person of the century, became the predecessor of Lady Diana and Michael Jackson. First, among those who are in the light press and desperately fight for his privacy.


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