Brainstorm for Final Project Details Memo

Research-based report

Formal reports are very important for the successful communication of the information. They are usually used instead of formal meetings or other ways of information promotion. Research-based reports are generally created in order to demonstrate business ideas to the necessary audience. Their main aim is to present the information in a concise and clear form in order to understand the main steps of professional activities.

Research-based report can be devoted to the building of the new small cottages created specially for having some rest in summer. It would be a small cottage-town in the country protected from the whole world for families and children to be able to relax and feel safety from the daily routine.

This project would be aimed at architects and constructors of the large building companies and at the investors of the future cottage-town.

The purpose of the research-based report is to provide the population with the special place for relaxation where they would feel safe like home but would be involved in the beautiful and calm atmosphere of the nature. The demand of this idea is very high that is why this project embodied in life would be popular among the citizens, who want to spend more time with their families but have no time and place for it.

Cottage- town project would be profitable for the investors and building companies and at the same time it would meet the requirements of the whole society. Research-based report would proof the necessity of this project embodiment.

The sources of the research would be merely concentrated on the interviews and different surveys related to the topic. The data would contain different recommendations for the successful fulfillment of the project concerned.

Beginning to think about oral presentation

Successful oral presentation demand a great variety of problems solution and following certain rules in order communicate the information in a proper and understandable way.

Dave Paradi, the author of the article “Solve your Biggest Marketing Presentation Problem”, presented the most important steps of how to avoid problems during your oral presentation. He states that one of the most important steps to be followed is to make standard slides of the company demonstrating particular products or programs, a so-called slide-library.

These slides would contain key visual elements necessary for oral presentation. The second step is closely connected with the training of the staff concerning slide-library creation and usage of it. The staff of the company should be aware of how to persuade the clients; in this case it would help to reach success and safe more time.

And finally, according to the author of the article, this slide-library should be updated every four months. This aspect is really important for the marketing company as its level never remains stable and should be compulsory renewed for future presentations.

Randy Lipson, the author of the article “PowerPoint Prowess: Using Presentations as Solution”, discloses the idea that one should not rely only on the presentation as most selling is usually made before the presentation. She underlines the fact that customers derive an utmost pleasure from buying something rather than being sold.

The most important method in presentation is to stress the wonderful characteristics of the goods for purchasing, not for selling. One should present the information in the way for consumers to perceive the quality of the goods far higher than the price they pay for them. Oral presentation should help to get trust of the audience for future successful deals and great selling.

One more important aspect was described by Seth Markowitz in the article “The Right Technology Solution for Your Presentation”. This article stresses the idea that technological progress resulted in the usage of different new tools for the conduction of oral presentation.

PowerPoint is not so widely used at modern presentations in comparison with Google on-line presentations and Sliderocket. The author focuses attention on the work with vendor recording the presentation and underlines the following key issues to understand in such situation:

  • The necessity to know whether the presenter require installing special software for recording demo;
  • It is important to clear up all the available distribution methods;
  • To know whether the viewer can interact on-line with content.

All three articles are very important for the successful conduction of the oral conference. The usage of modern technologies is very helpful for the information presentation.

It is necessary to present the goods in a proper way for the audience to perceive the high quality of the products and understand the necessity to buy them. The company should be perfectly prepared for the oral presentation in order to get trust; it would compulsory lead to future cooperation and a good promotion of the company brand.

The major rules described should be followed for every oral presentation. It is important to remember that possible clients would perceive the high quality of the information presentation and the way you establish rapport to them. The success depends on thorough preparations and following all the details necessary for presentation conduction.

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