Causes and Effects of Global Warming on the Environment

Global Warming is a process that points out an increase in approximate temperature in different spots of Earth. This is caused due to two factors that are responsible for the emission of greenhouse gases. Causes and effects of global Warming bear in present days an equivocal character. The number of causes of the problem is increasing.

The number of effects of Warming is rather greater. I think that Global Warming is a major danger for the planet with all its living beings, including fauna and flora, due to human activities along with the impacts of nature.

The process of constant Warming on Earth is considered with, first of all, the work of plants in metallurgical, chemical, nuclear, and other heavy industries. Along with them the work of engines in cars and different kinds of vehicle produce exhaust gases.

This fact presupposes the constant escape of hydrocarbons into the atmosphere. In return, this causes a ‘greenhouse effect.’ This phenomenon stimulates the sunlight to come through the atmosphere and stay on Earth because of the layer of greenhouse gases that protect the reflection of warmth back into space.

Another factor which also provokes the emergence of Global Warming is the extent of frequent cataclysms on the planet. They are concerned with, for example, volcanic eruption, or escape of grand masses of carbon dioxide in places of crust fractures. The scholars calculated that the amounts of CO2 which a volcano emits on one occasion only surpass the work of many metallurgical plants for ten years of intensive work (Garrison 59).

According to the effects which are caused by these two factors, the major is considered with glaciers melting in Antarctica. In return, this may be a reason for the rise of sea level and floods, on the whole.

This point is still in the process of great discussion because of real hazards from the side of Antarctica. Recent investigations prove the hypothesis of flood due to the constant appearance of the iceberg in the ocean, which constitutes the instability of places where they split off.

The appearance of smog over the big cities is another effect of greenhouse gases. In major cities of the United States, such as Los Angeles, for example, the smog-effect is taken for granted by inhabitants. This phenomenon represents a combination of carbon and sulfur dioxides in the atmosphere. In the sunlight, such a mixture of gases provides a picture of total “fog” in the area.

One more effect takes into account that the biosphere began losing various kinds and species in fauna and flora, as well. Those types of animals that get accustomed to previously low temperatures in comparison with the present day’s reality cannot survive.

Some of them mutate. Along with this effect, constant cases of dryness provoke the extinction of animals and plants. Here human beings suffer as well because of problems with health and harvest failures, which have become more frequent.

To sum up, the world changes every now and then. Human beings, in terms of scientific and technological progress, made every attempt to make the environment worse due to the material benefits. The human factor is the major for Global Warming.

In the technological era, people cannot go without the influence of heavy industries. It also concerns the transportation systems of the world. Notwithstanding, the negative effects are happening little by little throughout the Earth. The critical point with such tempos of industrial development seems to be soon.

Works cited

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