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Facebook refers to a social network that allows people to share information online. One becomes a user after he or she signs up and adds a personal profile, which shows an individual’s gender, photo, and contacts. One can choose to belong to a group of persons, such as colleagues in an organization, and collegemates, among others. Anyone above 13 years is eligible to join the social platform.

It has also been used to advertise goods and services. In addition, job vacancies are advertised on the website. It is an important site that can be used to collect information about who individuals are, where they live, and their occupations.

It has options about whether one should like or not like a post, and whether information should be accessed by specific people or the public. This paper focuses on discussing Facebook as an important tool for advertising and its effectiveness in large companies.

How do reference groups pertain to the use of sponsored ads by Facebook? Do you think this is a valuable way to advertise? Why or why not?

Reference groups view the use of the social media network to pass information to the target people or market. Ads are only seen by the targeted people who later communicate their messages to other persons who may be interested. Therefore, they play a vital role in advertising. They are valuable ways of advertising because only the intended audiences access the information. The location of an item, its features, and price, among other details that are related to advertisements, are clearly given.

From a social responsibility perspective, what are your thoughts on Facebook selling customer data in order to obtain higher revenue? What are the pros and cons, from the perspective of Facebook and of the customer?

Facebook’s act of using customers’ data to obtain revenue is an excellent business strategy. Many citizens who evade payment of taxes could be tracked using the social network. It could be used to reveal their whereabouts, making it easy for revenue collecting authorities to locate them. It is also important because the revenue obtained is used to pay workers who are involved in carrying out various tasks.

Pros from the perspective of facebook and customer

The use of users’ data to realize higher revenues is advantageous. It helps to ensure that citizens do not hide from performing their social and economic responsibilities. It uses the information to advertise itself further.

Those who view data acquire knowledge about the use of Facebook and could encourage their friends to sign up, which would increase the number of users.

From a user’s perspective, there are job opportunities available on the social media network. One can also find information about his or her friends’ whereabouts easily on the platform. It creates a sense of responsibility among users because they understand that it is their duty to pay taxes to their governments.

Cons from facebook and customer perspective

Facebook finds it hard to integrate its data with other networks. There can be errors in the information that is posted online. A customer is not guaranteed about his or her security. There is no privacy of customers’ personal information. There are many people who can access information Facebook for criminal activities.

Research Facebook advertising. What larger companies are using Facebook as an advertising method? Find research on how effective Facebook has been for larger organizations, and write three to four paragraphs synthesizing this information.

Facebook advertising is one of the cheapest and fastest ways of making commodities known in the target market. It gives data about a company’s employees, tracks their behavior, as well as the use of advertisements to inform and promote events and products in a firm.

Large companies use Facebook to promote their goods. The companies include Chevrolet Motors Company, McDonald’s, Verizon Communications, AT & T Company, and Toyota Motors Corporation.

Large business establishments have benefited through Facebook marketing in various ways. It is an effective way because many people would find the information about a product in an organization. It has extensive coverage, enabling businesses to stay in touch with their customers. This has led to the development of trust among companies and consumers. Errors are minimal when the online platform is used for advertising, promoting efficiency in firms.

It saves organization’s time. Companies can sell their products online without many movements that would result in increased expenses. It reminds customers about offers that are in organizations, making them informed of the existing products in the market. As a result, the number of customers increases, which in turn contributes to an increase in profits. Companies can be linked with other firms on Facebook, enabling them to share ideas.

Facebook stores data that are crucial to an organization. It is critical to note that employees’ data about their past experiences can be accessed. This helps companies to refrain from recruiting inexperienced employees. It is also the easiest way of promoting a company’s products because less labor is required. This saves money and other resources in business establishments.

As a small business, do you think it makes sense to advertise on Facebook? Why or why not?

It would be advisable for small businesses to advertise on Facebook. It is the cheapest way to market their products. It also saves time and money that can be used to support other business activities. Products from small businesses can reach their target customers faster through the utilization of ads on Facebook.


In conclusion, Facebook is one of the leading social media platforms that help people and companies to share information. It plays a critical role in organizations’ marketing strategies. It is crucial to advertise the products of firms as well as recruiting employees. Its effectiveness is demonstrated by the fact that it is faster, easier to use, and saves time in businesses.

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