Communications: Online Dating and Its Perspectives

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Dating is an art that is as old as human-being. Man is a social animal always looking for companionship. In the old days, the available form of communication was the snail mail that took long before getting to the recipient. It also involved walking over long distances searching for partners.

This has changed due to the emergence of online dating. Online dating, also referred to as internet dating, is a new phenomenon that started in the 1990s. There are many online dating sites where people of all ages meet. The dating sites mostly used are, Facebook, and Twitter.

Thesis statement

Online dating is a successful and convenient way of human interactions where it is possible to develop successful romantic relationships. It is a good place to mingle and meet new people.

From a psychological perspective, online dating is advantageous and safer. There is a preference for online dating to the traditional form of dating because it enables people to communicate anonymously. An online dating site, such as, has a high number of people busy looking for relationships. It is safer as one can see the profile of his or her partner.

Online dating is helpful in assisting people in beating the fear and exposure of having to meet people face to face in a café, market, or in the shopping mall. Essentially, online dating is a way of avoiding undesirable characters and escaping the tedious process associated with the traditional way of dating. However, the negative effects of online dating exist.

It lacks the personal touch associated with the traditional form of dating (Buchanan 96). People use different profiles from what they really look like, this can be deceiving, and it is an impediment to a successful relationship. The process of a successful relationship is impeded by the illusion that one creates about the other only to find that it is different from expectations.

People have different personalities, and for a shy person, online dating provides a perfect platform for dating. They can express themselves better when not in face-to-face communication (Buchanan 101). The other reason people date online is that they have limited time to mingle with people in physical locations. They may be tied up by their jobs and hardly have time for relationships.

It is also a perfect place for people who suffer from self-confidence. Online dating raises the level of confidence because one has a mentality that he or she knows a lot about the other person before meeting them physically. Distance is never an issue in online dating. One can chat with someone in the next door with the same cost as someone miles away. This means that it is convenient, cheap, and saves time.

Many people have success stories with website dating. With many websites, people can find the right match for them. They can filter their match based on age, religion, race, or political affiliation. The senior citizens of the country also find solace in the websites.

For divorced, online dating provides a perfect tool for finding the right partner. There are websites tailored to meet the specific needs of people, and the senior people will not have to go through the hustles of finding a partner at an old age.


People turn to online dating because it shields one from the negative effects of rejection. It enables partners to share their compatibility features, and one can be able to determine whether he got the right partner. An honest profile in online dating sites is a sure way of getting the right partner as it answers so many questions. It is important for the users of online dating sites to be prepared for rejection, as sometimes the dating process is a matter of trial and error.


Buchanan, Daisy. Meeting Your Match: Navigating the Minefield of Online Dating. London: Carlton Books, 2015. Print.

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