Community Services: Personal and Social Benefits

Community Service Project, which I chose and continued, and my benefit from it.

The action performed by a human being that benefits his or her community is known as community service. Getting involved in a community enables us to be healthier and livelier. Things that could be considered as community service include tutoring children, assisting the elderly, etc.

Community service is performed by volunteers who willingly take up responsibilities to help others. I choose to assist the elderly people because they are ignored, and hopelessness has filled their lives; moreover, they are helpless, and protecting hands neglect them for no reason (What is community service?).

My interest in assisting the elders started with an unpleasant memory of my father’s depression. He was the eldest of his family, and his hard work was a proof of his brothers and sisters reaching a very high prospective position in their life, but unfortunately, he was neglected by them at last.

My father passed away with a massive cardiac arrest, and I could not do anything but watch in silence and pain. But this was a booster dose which encouraged me to join a service society which was run by my friend’s father. I was sure this was a painless way to get back into the routine of working before taking the plunge into a paid position.

I discussed this with my friends, and we started collecting food for the people. We all work together to pick up the garbage, cleaning, etc. Surprisingly some kids in the nearby flats were also interested. They started helping to plant trees and to water them.

In the evening, it is this shelter that the kids have made their playground. It has made them capable of having a sense of responsibility. The involvement provided us with a sense of satisfaction and pride. It strengthens our community and our family. It teaches us about tolerance, forbearance, and brings in some human values. Let the old age not be a curse to each and every one of us but is a boon (What is community service?).

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