Comparison of Evolution Theory vs. Creationism – Philosophy

Introduction: Staring from the Big Bang

There is hardly a single person in the world who has never asked him-/herself, what the origin of life is. Even though the issue is frequently addressed, there is hardly a single way to find out the truth, which, however, does not bother the humankind to come up with the ideas on the issue. Among the most frequently mentioned ones, the theory of evolutionism and Creationism are the leading theories. Since the two offer their own profound base and provide solid grounds for their own existence, it is worth taking a closer look at the two counterparts and figure out the differences and the similarities between the two.

Creationism vs. Evolution

In the Beginning There Was…

One of the first elements that must be compared in the two theories is how the world was created. It must be admitted that at the given stage, the difference between the two theories is obvious, since the creationism points at the fact that the world was made in six days. According to the evolution theory, the process took a while longer; to be more precise, the approximate number of years it took for the first human species to develop is around four billion, not to mention the Big Bang itself, which makes the universe some 18 billion years old.

What Makes the World Tick

One of the trickiest parts of both theories, the principles of the world make the essence of the two and the greatest difference between them. While the Creationism theory presupposes that people should live according to God’s will and sin as little as possible, the idea behind the Creationism theory is a bit more controversial.

On the one hand, it is supposed to be the principle of only the strong surviving. On the other hand, the humanistic theories and the moral principles of the modern era demand that people should help each other. Therefore, the evolution theory has the principle of competition in its basis, yet, with modern ideas, it is shaped according to the humanistic principles. Thus, according to the principles of life in the present-day world, Creationism and evolutionism cross.

The Final Countdown: When to Start?

At the given point, the theories display considerable differences again. While the theory of evolution offers precise data based on the mathematical calculations, the Creationism ideas provide the information which touches upon the moral issue. Emphasizing that the Second Advent is going to take place sooner or later, the Creationism rather presupposes that people should accept their fate than conveys the message that people should find the ways to fight the end of the world.

Conclusion: Picking the Grains of Common Sense

Therefore, it is obvious that the two theories are completely different, yet they share certain similar issues. Even though it hardly seems possible to verify any in the nearest lapse of time, both theories serve as a solid fundament for people to build their faith on.

In addition, the two theories prove to have certain common elements, which means that they can coexist peacefully, despite the fact that they are founded on completely different principles. The two greatest suppositions the humankind has ever made, the theories of evolution and Creationism fill people’s life with reason, making life worthwhile.

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