Comparison of Living on a Farm or in the City

Living on a farm has been described by many people as the best experience one may have. Some say it is cheap and healthy, while others claim that people brought up on farms have good family values. On the contrary, there are people who believe that living in the city is much better due to the particular life style.

Their claims are based on the numerous opportunities people have in the city compared to those who live on the farms. The main purpose of this paper is to check the differences and the similarities of two considered places and the effect those places have on society.


The similarities between living in the city and living on a farm have been increasing over the years. Such amenities as gas and piped water are usually absent on farms. Moreover, such basic services as top quality healthcare and education with the use of innovative technologies may be absent as well. However, the government has been very instrumental in raising the standards of living in the countryside and presently you will find that just like in the city there is good road infrastructure, health care facilities, and education centers.

Another similarity between life on a farm and life in the city is the economic situation in both places is affected equally. The price of essential commodities, such as gasoline does not differ greatly. Financial turmoil at the international level influences both a farm and a city.


There are many differences between living on a farm and in the city. It is widely known that a place one grows in has a great impact on the way a person perceives life. Behavior is affected, as well. Family is considered as the central institution for many people. The family is always near, and they are the only people one can turn to when things go wrong. A major difference is seen between family values imposed on a person growing up in the city and those applied on a person growing up on the farm.

Almost all young people on the farms live with their families, and they are actively involved in the daily running of the farm. This helps create a strong bond between the family members, which is much needed in creating a strong society. In the city, life is busy, and there is little time to spare for family activities and socialization. Most people in the city are career-oriented. They tend to put more time advancing their careers and neglecting their families.

This can be seen clearly in the way old people are treated in the city. Old members of the family are cared deeply by their families on the farms, while one can find people sending their old members of the family into special homes for the aged in the cities. Such cases are less common on the farms.

Another difference between living on a farm and in the city lies in the way people prioritize their needs and wants. Those who live on farms usually prioritize their needs to their wants. Everything is different from those who live in the cities as they can regard their needs and wants in the same way.

People living on farms have a simple lifestyle and unlike their city flamboyant lifestyle peers. This lifestyle helps people on the farms satisfy their needs. People living in the city are known for their “I need to get it” attitude which makes them indulging and buying the heavily advertised products and services.

Living on a farm can be described as a serene and healthy way of living. It is on a farm you will enjoy most of the beautiful sceneries, fresh air, animals, and fresh foods. Those who live on farms have an opportunity to enjoy eating fresh food, unlike those who prefer cities where most people live on canned food with chemicals which are harmful to human health.

The air in the farms is fresh, and there are few cases of lungs disease or breathing complications reported. In the city, the air is stale and full of smoke, dust, as well as harmful substances. In the farm, you will enjoy seeing animals in their ordinary inhabitance, unlike the city where you will only find them in zoos. The only wild animals one can probably find in the city are rodents and raccoons.

The city offers a person many opportunities that cannot be found in the farms. A person can decide to follow a more rewarding career and enjoy the fine things in life, entertain in clubs, go shopping, etc. Such things cannot be found on the farms.

Each place has its advantages and disadvantages. It is impossible to say that one place is better than another one. It is better to state that one place is more preferable for a particular person than another one. Tastes differ, and people should remember it while dwelling upon differences is living either on a farm or in a city.

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