Computer Skills for College Students

Advancements in technology have become intense and have given pressure to college students to learn computer skills in order to be relevant in the job market. Computer skills range from simple skills to complex applications. They involve the use of word, spreadsheets and other emerging applications. The necessity of computer skills has become the order of the day to an extent that all states in the United States demand students to prove proficiency in computer applications by being subjected to an assessment.

Changes in computer technology have been continuous due to continued change in demands that characterize the society like in business and social interactions. New improvements continue to be seen every day, therefore, increasing the necessity for college students to embrace it for college use and in their careers.

Computer skills are essential for college students. The following examples elaborate why it is necessary for college students to learn computer skill. Computer networks that are set up in colleges are meant to facilitate connection of students, easy allocation of assignments and research purposes.

In addition, modern students are faced with a challenge of storing data and keeping in touch with fellow students over the internet. For a student to use all these computer technology applications, they must have learnt computer skills which explain why it is necessary for college students to learn computer skills.

Students find it necessary to store assignments and important documents like soft copies of books, images and personal information. When students are given assignments whether individually or in groups, they would perform them in word documents and later print them. Apart from assignments, tutors would send to students lecture notes that include slides in their email addresses for them to revise.

Apart from assignments in college, students use the internet to communicate to family members by communicating through email, sending photos thereby, making them reduce home sick because they feel connected with them. From these examples, it is clear that students should learn computer skills for them to effectively utilize these channels of computer technology.

By using the internet, students are able to connect easily to family members and friends. College students consist of a large group of students from different regions with diverse backgrounds. When they report to college, they are not any close to their families. In most cases they would feel lonely and desperate.

By acquiring a computer and internet connection, they would connect with members of their families increasing their concentration in college thereby, leading to good performance. It also enables them keep in touch with high school friends and maintain their friendship relations. They search each other, chart and have fun over the internet which is the most reliable way of getting in touch with a person far away.

The following examples are basic operations important for computer learning skills: Starting and shutting down a computer which require some skill to perform. Word processing operations that require some training on keyboard use in order to understand commands.

The use of internet and email is essential in acquisition of computer skills. Other applications include power point, spreadsheets, printing and use of external storage devices. Students require all these skills to keep in touch with technological advancements in college and job market.

Computer skills have become essential in the society and students cannot be denied to use it because it helps them with simple and complex operations in college.

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