Countries Studies: Canada and the USA Comparison

Canada and the US are countries that are located in the American continent. Both countries are relatively large, and they occupy a large part of the North American region (Reynolds 7).

Canada and the US are countries that have many similarities, although they are slightly different in terms of resources, environment, demography, infrastructure, and economy, among other aspects (Feldhamer, Bruce, and Chapman 23). This paper will compare and contrast these two countries in different aspects.

In terms of resources, Canada is a country that has a bigger territory as compared to the US (Reynolds 65). However, the US has a very big piece of land. Even though Canada is a very cold place, it has a lot of natural resources, which include freshwater suppliers, natural gas, and oil (Feldhamer, Bruce, and Chapman 45). On the other hand, the US also has many natural resources. Both countries share great lakes, which contain large volumes of water.

In terms of population, the US is one of the countries that have a very large population. Compared to Canada, the US has a relatively larger population (United North America, 1). The population growth for these two countries is almost the same, but the difference is in the way the population is growing.

In the US, population growth is highly contributed by immigration (United North America, 1). However, in Canada, this is not the case.

Canada has high internal population growth. Since the US borders with several developing countries, it has a high number of illegal immigration, while Canada rarely experiences this kind of problem, considering that it does not border developing countries (United North America 1).

Compared to the US, Canada has a low number of blacks, but the ratio of whites living in Canada is high than that of the US (United North America 1).

When it comes to issues of economy and government spending, the US emerges on the top. Today, the US is said to be the strongest economy in the world (Reynolds, 27). Although Canada and the US are among the countries that are ranked top in terms of GDP, Canada seems to be on the top when these parameters are measured annually (United North America 1).

The US only projects high growth when this aspect is analyzed every ten years. This implies that Canada has high GDP growth annually compared to the US (Reynolds 34). On the other hand, the US has high GDP growth for every ten years (United North America 1). In other aspects, the US has low unemployment rates as compared to Canada, which is slightly higher.

In areas of infrastructure and communication, the US is a little better compared to Canada, but they tend to have a tie in this aspect. Both countries have the well-developed infrastructure. However, the US has well-built roads that stretch from major cities to rural areas. Airports are also more developed in the US than in Canada (United North America, 1).

In Canada, the rural areas are not well developed in terms of infrastructure as compared to the US. Despite this, Canada can be generally considered to be more developed since it has a much higher number of roads, railways, and merchant marine (Reynolds 17).

In conclusion, both Canada and the US are countries that appear similar in a number of ways. However, the two nations are slightly different in terms of economy, demography, resources, and infrastructure. Compared to the rest of the world, if Canada and the US were to be combined, they would emerge number one in the world in terms of developments and economy.

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