Cultural Anthropology – America

The US has diversity in ethnicity and races because of its historical immigration of people from various dissimilar countries. It is due to such diversity that multiculturalism is a crucial idea in the country. There is so much transition-taking place in the USA since white Americans are losing their status as the major population and dominance (even culturally).

Black, Asian, Hispanic and American-Indian groups keep on enlarging in population, posing a need to consider the unique and changing culture of the Americans. There is so much diversity in the culture of the American people, since the Americans vary across cultures of origin, creed, political opinions, fiscal ranking and lifestyle.

Black American wear braided hair, put hair additions, crafts artwork bearing symbols of the African culture and African experiences such as animals, horns, beaded clothes. Their music is a part of every aspect of their life such as work, play, entertainment, history, communicating and expressing ones feelings.

The African Americans relate their customs with various types of music, such as jazz and rap. Their food is also unique and may comprise such ingredients as okra, peanuts, sesame, and black-eyed peas. They observe their unique ceremonies such as Martin Luther King’s Birthday and Juneteenth, the Independence Day for African Americans.

Latino culture is principal in the US. The most lengthily spoken foreign language in the country is Spanish. Latino art is characterized by vast arrays of colors, and the community practices beadwork, quillwork, basket weaving and metalwork; their music is structured while a song is started with five basic beats that play throughout the entire piece.

They incorporate dance along the song to tell a story. Musical instruments are the accompaniments to their songs. The community’s food mainly comprises of corn, beans and squash. They share close-knit family relations and offer exceptional importance to extended family ties. They embellish their churches and houses with art representation of Virgin Mary.

Asian-Americans have their distinctive characteristics from other communities by belonging to diverse religions apart from Christianity. Their Ceremonial music is for entertaining their supreme being, and it signals correct procedures for humans. Jewish Americans religion is Judaism and their food ingredients are mainly wheat, barley, kasha, potatoes and rye.

The cultural practices of the White Americans are , prejudiced by . However, their community is different from other communities in the US, since it has its own unique cultural practices and social characteristics. Their dialect, social tendencies, diet, music, art and craft, and are distinguishable from those of other communities.

Despite the diversity in the culture of the Americans, these groups have a bond for their country in terms of the legal system, embrace democracy, and observe common national holidays, involved in some common sports and a popular culture.

Literature is a key instrument that politicians and propagandists employ to spread, impact or oppose ideology and ideas among the American citizenry. The population is up to date with the modern technology including the social media and the mass media. They also embrace religious lenience and pluralism.

It is intriguing that the US is the world’s highly multicultural country. White Americans are tolerant of people belonging to other cultures thus influencing the unity of the nation. Multiculturalism as a ruling idea of the American people is also crucial in promoting the cohesion across a people of dissimilar cultures for the holistic development of the nation.

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