Customer Relationship Management in E-Commerce

The customer relationship management demos which are discussed can be of a great benefit and immense importance to different companies and firms. As far as this paper is concerned, such tools can be of great help to the following company such as Amazon. Amazon is a company that operates in a very competitive environment that always changes as a result of the different technological advancements, that is why the firm is to adjust to all the changes in order to meet the necessary requirements and expectations of the clients and customers.

Only in such a case, the company can be sure to continue promoting, developing and succeeding in the market. This implies that the demo can help the company to manage its customers well for a long term sustainability which is important in the current competitive business world. In this case, a proper analysis of the SAP CRM system demonstration can help the company to deal with and solve different customer’s problems that are common in the real-world environment.

Due to the use of CRM tools, the company will be able to understand different customer’s entitlements that are always of a great importance. In fact, the business will ultimately deliver good services that are desirable, thereby transforming their services to a cost center.

Because online businesses are very competitive, Amazon will benefit by enhancing customer loyalty which will keep the company profitable and sustainable. This means that customer relationship management tools can help in empowering customers, so that they can be able to interact with the management well (Nissanoff, 2006, p. 84). Amazon as an online company depends on orders that are made to generate sales. In this case, it should be, therefore, known that CRM will help in order management by effectively responding to changing customer needs.

These tools can enhance and increase transparency of the company’s revenue pipeline which is an important aspect. In fact, it will be very easy to monitor changes in sales and evaluate the impact of new investments and opportunities on general revenues. Amazon can be able to deliver sales services through CRM tools efficiently because it might not be able to make physical contact with customers. All in all, the most important asset of the company is its IT infrastructure which can be improved due to CRM tools.

There are issues that might arise during the implementation of the SAP CRM application because of different and diverse factors. Integration of specifications is an issue that is likely to arise because of distinct customers (Nissanoff, 2006, p. 67). This is because every customer has his own preferences as far as interacting with the online business is concerned. Another issue that might arise revolves around application services that will ultimately be instrumental in determining the content that will be generally used to solve pressing and urgent business problems.

Changes are bound to occur every now and then as far as technological advancements are concerned and this is an issue that might arise during implementation because they need to be factored in. Middleware performance issues can occur during the initial stages of implementation but this should be well resolved by the team. An issue like inadequate guidelines when dealing with cross cultural aspects needs to be taken into consideration because the company deals with a wide range of customers.

As far as proper implementation of the SAP CRM application is concerned, I expect good outcomes for the company.

Reference List

Nissanoff, D. (2006). FutureShop: How the New Auction Culture Will Revolutionize the Way We Buy, Sell and Get the Things We Really Want. New York: The Penguin Press.

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