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Defining love can be one of the most challenging yet enjoyable tasks that any person can ever undertake. There are so many factors to consider and so many different methods of love and love related thought.

Some say that love is an expression, but not everyone agrees that expression is love. But really, is not art really all in the eye of the beholder? Who is to say that one train of thought it more important or correct than another when regarding what love is.


One person may think that a particular person, personal trait, or expression may be lovable, whilst another thinks that it is simply garbage. Then we must ask ourselves, can love truly be defined? Or is it all just a mere passing thought.

Before we can determine whether or not love can truly be defined, we must stop and ask ourselves, what is love? Is love simply using various emotions and placing them on mediums for liking? Or does it hold a truly deeper meaning? Although we can never truly define what love really is, we can give some basic guidelines about what is and is not love.


Generally, the human race considers love as a feeling that is pleasing to the eye or invokes certain emotions when experienced. And what many an individual considers to be love is something which one can do and enjoy and in the end, produce something that gives a feeling of success. There are many different ways to express one using the concept called love.

The most common form of love which most people think of when they think of love is the man-woman relationship. The man-woman relationship is usually just some form of human biological experience, whether direct or physical or indirect or platonic, whichever form, the emotion is then placed on some form of the other gender.

There are, however, literally hundreds of forms of love within the world. They range from the conventional man-woman relationship, which, although never simple, is not necessarily the most complex way to express one, to the same gender love and everything in between. Love can even be considered in simple writing, usually in the form of poetry.

The spoken word can have a more profound effect than physical love. A simple poem can invoke a range of emotions rather quickly. If a poem refers to someone who is close to the author, the author may feel overwhelmed when viewing their own romantic expression.

But a romantic relationship can just as easily invoke the same feelings as a written piece of love. And a simple sketch of romantic activities such as presenting a simple gift has the chance of being just as profound.

Love could even be considered something as simple as an action that someone has done for a cause or for somebody. If someone holds the door for somebody else, it could be their love to be generous and gentlemanly. Even acts of crime can be considered forms of love if it is subjected to the benefit of someone the criminal cares for. So one can never really limit love to one thing.

Rather, it is a wide arrangement of things. And one can never truly crackdown and say that something is only loved related if it is of some particular kind of medium because somebody else will disagree. But, the fact of the matter is, in the eye of the beholder, love could be anything.

So is it really possible for us to define what love is, or can we really set any realistic guidelines as to what is love and what is not love? It is always possible to create guidelines, but it is often considered a love affair in itself to break said guidelines.


But, to truly create a relation that gives off a strong affection presence, one usually must feel some sort of emotional attachment to whatever it is one working on. Only then will one truly pour out everything from the heart and mind. When one can accomplish this, then it is possible to create something with true romantic value.

If one can describe the emotions in relation, it becomes easier for others to understand what one was trying to do, and more often, give them a stronger emotional sense. In a way, this creates a bond between the beholder and the observer, allowing true romantic value to be created within a work of relation.

But this still does not fully aid us in our quest to find out whether we can define what love is. There are some things that do not stimulate our emotions as much but may still hold a different affectionate value. But with so many different modes of relations in the field of love like husband-wife, mother-child, friendship, compassion, etc., have we become closer to being able to define love in one true sense?

Or, rather, have we learned to adapt and respect all forms of love and their inherent values. What might be considered a loving relationship in the past by everyone may only be considered a simple affair to a small number of people in this modern day.

Rather than classifying love in one major group, we should respect all love for its value and its effect on society as a whole. It is not logical to believe that we will ever be able to identify love in the analytical sense truly, but we will learn new ways to improve our talents, and we will constantly gain more resources to spread our love across all reaches of the universe.


It does not really matter whether or not we can define love because love is just an expression. It is a method for human beings to get out their emotions and share them with the rest of the world. It helps to describe what cannot be spoken.

A loving act is worth a thousand words, but even those thousand words can yet again produce a thousand additional loving acts. And in this method of thought, love has an infinite number of possibilities and an infinite number of ways to influence the lives of others. There are no strict guidelines for defining love, nor will there ever be. Everything is in the eye of the beholder, but it does not matter.


Love is basically anything that anyone does, which has a profound effect on somebody or something else. From a simple act of kindness to a great sacrifice which took years out of somebody’s life. Some love can be considered more complex, and some love can be considered simpler in contrast.

As long as society keeps using love and passionate values to gain a newfound sense of identity, it is logical to believe that the world will live without being able to define strictly what love is. It is definitely an act of goodness and an act of understanding, but it is more than that.

It is the sense of belonging, and the essence of worship and the relationship can be observed in various manners. Love is, therefore, a feeling that makes a person a better human being in the long run. Love is the elixir of life and the completion of fullness at the same time.

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