Epilogue: “Life After Tupac and D Foster” by J. Woodson

The relationship between the two ladies goes stronger as they try to live their lives without their iconic rapper. Foster and her friend decided to formalize their sexual preferences, although they were quite hesitant for fear of stigma. However, as the days went by, the two girls were getting more intimate, and on some occasions, they would express their weird love life in public.

Life for Jayjones turned out to be a nightmare. After joining the basketball team under a scholarship program, she had to fit into the expectations of many and show exemplary performance to justify her competence. Working under such pressure left her with no choice but to pursue everything that was in her power to achieve her goals.

That was just the beginning of her troubles while at Georgetown University. Everyone saw the opportunity as a form of blessing, and even the girl had it all figured out. She had planned to accumulate as much money as possible so that she could help sustain her family. However, life had a different twist on her.

After arrival, she was received and left under the care of a fellow team member, who was supposed to give her some form of orientation around the school. She knew her colleague was a drug trafficker. As time went on, Jayjones had already begun taking drugs and selling them at the same time.

She joined a new group of girls who had one thing in common, the love for rapping and the icon of rap music by that period was the hip hop legend, Tupac Shakur (Woodson 69). In a few weeks, she had already been recruited in the lesbian sorority; parties and drinking sprees became part of her daily routine.

Of course, with such a lifestyle, one cannot keep up with the demanding sports schedules, and it was evident even in Jaynes’s situation. The girl began to perform below average in the team, and everyone who knew her would notice the great change of character and performance. This was her greatest failing point since the scholarship board had begun to reconsider their commitment about her scholarship.

When the saddening news hit the airwaves that Tupac was dead, and when Jayjones had also passed on due to drugs and criminal activities, Neeka and her best friend had a double loss (Woodson 147). The pain was too much to handle, and the two sought to find ways to ease their disappointment.

At one point, they both agreed to hold a big party to entertain themselves and their gay friends. Nevertheless, the party did not last long before they had another incident. One of the friends invited to the party happened to slip on the swimming pool edges, and by bad luck, she was hit on the head. She passed out but no one noticed, and as she slipped inside the pool, everybody thought it was an intentional diving stunt.

They knew that the girl had passed out and as she drowned unconsciously inside the pool, loud music went on; everyone minded only their own business with drinks and dancing. After some time, a corpse appeared on the surface of the pool, and the entire place was filled with startling screams.

This was a double tragedy for Neeka and her best friend. Foster seems to be in every wrong situation, and as she gets into the picture, Tupac has not died yet. After Jayjones’s death, Foster joined the duo to form another trio.

However, since her entry into the group, deaths kept on happening and the frequency of its occurrence alarmingly increased. After the death of Tupac, the girls would not spend a day indoors, especially during the weekend. The trio would organize or attend a party almost every night (Woodson 98).

During one of their fun nights, the three girls decided to get naughty and drove while drunk. This was not only a criminal offense but also a detrimental experiment on their lives and the lives of other road users.

True to the threat, as Foster was driving at an exaggerated speed, she lost control over the steering wheel, and before she knew it, she woke up in a hospital bed. Girls rolled after crashing into another car and lost their consciousness, and it was only by luck that Good Samaritan drove by and rushed them to the hospital for medical examination.

Although the other two girls were not badly wounded, Foster had serious injuries, and she had to remain in the hospital for some time. Unfortunately for her, she left the hospital in a wheelchair since she could not walk again due to injuries sustained on her spinal cord. Neeka and her best friend sustained mild injuries, but the thought of their friend in the wheelchair was traumatic enough to make them feel the pain of the accident. However, they just had to accept their fate and live with the unpleasant reality.

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