Experience at an Amusement Park (Sixflags)

To begin with, the world of entertainment excites me much, and I can hardly find anyone in my surroundings who does not want to experience the flow of adrenalin throughout body and mind as well. I am talking about my personal experience while visiting the amusement park Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles.

The motions are incredible to explain or even give a little bit of those states of my psyche which were constantly changing with characteristic ups and downs in direct and figurative sense of this expression. I would like to describe every feature of my impression while visiting this park and my after-effects which are lasting even now in their euphoric colouring.

When I was going to this place I was constantly thinking of my would-be impressions while riding on the roller coaster or attending the aqua park with chilling patterns at the end of riding. I was confused when the flow of my thoughts deepened too much and when I finally reached this place and sighed because of the huge size of the park area and its attractive outlook with perpetual screaming heard here and there.

For sure, it made me speed up at the cash control point. I even asked people standing before me in the queue to let me through, because my sister could not find the way out. Of course, it was a joke, but a rather effective one. It stimulated me to reach to the roller coaster, and I by means of self-persistence and a sort of ruse got the roller coaster.

When the coaster started to move I did not know what to imagine when it reached the highest point from where my journey could begin with temporal short adventure with an effect of when life comes through before your eyes. It is not surprising that I experienced such feelings.

Moreover, the movement of the cart was hastening with every split second. I screamed every now and then I was afraid of any other turn on the way of the cart and these incredible and strong feelings of fear as well as excitement were emphasized when hearing the same loud scream coming from your neighbours.

This unrestrained torrent of emotions and high spirits was felt in the atmosphere. Believe me or not, but at that moment I took pity that I had not gone and powdered nose before coming to the attraction. One man sitting near to me was screaming definitely like a girl.

There is no doubt, that after roller coaster his vocal cords changed their sounding. When all turns were omitted and the ups and downs were behind there came a sigh of relief out of me unintentionally. In fact, I did not perceive myself in that reality. I felt noise and shiver and could not think of something until an instructor unlocked safety belts for me to get off the cart.

Then I just visited aqua park with drops of water being everywhere on me and it reminded me the picture of my childhood when we used water guns and tried to hit each other in the backyard. I ate a great amount of cotton candy and also drank a lot of coke. All in all my opinion is rather high and positive due to unforgettable emotions which I experienced there.

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