Fears of Public Speaking

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It is important to note that fear of public speaking is an interesting topic for discussion. One of the most significant aspects that should not be disregarded is that numerous factors affect an ability of an individual to communicate with others. The assessment of self-esteem is critical most of the time because it can be used to identify if any weaknesses are present.


I was able to determine that self-reliance is an area that is particularly problematic, and it needs to be improved because it may harm my ability to communicate and speak in public. It is imperative to understand that I should try to make decisions without any help from others, and it should increase my self-reliance significantly. Also, I have an understanding of the fact that I should be able to control my emotions.

It is necessary to note that the issue that I have to deal with when speaking in public is that I am too worried about opinions of others. One of the ways in which I may try to address this issue is by creating a list of my fears, and I think that it will be helpful (Sellnow 45). Also, I hope that I will be able to improve my anxiety of public speaking. The problem is that I am too worried about possible critique, and it has a significant impact (Griffin 3).

I think that I will be able to address this problem as I gain more experience, and improve my knowledge. Confidence is critical most of the time, and one could easily identify if the speaker does not believe in his or her words (Coopman and Lull 31). Also, it is paramount to mention that I hope that I would be able to improve the way I deliver speeches. I want to be able to have an influence on the audience (Kelly Huff 48).

In my opinion, a rehearsal should be regarded as an approach to improve this area. Also, I think that an ability to analyze the audience may be critical, and I should have an understanding of what approaches should be used based on the situation (Jaffe 88).

It is imperative to understand that culture is an aspect that should not be overlooked, and it may be necessary to avoid certain topics. Also, the fact that I know that it may be viewed as one of my strengths will help me to gain confidence in myself (Schiraldi 45). I hope that I will be able to learn how to react to particular reactions, and make adjustments if there are any issues.


In conclusion, it is evident that I struggle with self-reliance at the moment, and this is a problem that needs to be addressed. I hope that I will be able to improve most of the weaknesses that I have to deal with at the moment. Overall, I think that this course is going to be incredibly helpful, and I am determined to become an excellent speaker in the future.

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