FIFA and Corruption

How does this unethical behavior affect FIFA?

FIFA is not only one of the most famous world cups with its traditions, history, and impact on society. It is an event that unites millions of people from different parts of the world. It is a story that helps to comprehend the worth of a game and prove the reputation of football.

In other words, FIFA is a kind of a football image, and it has to be deprived of various unethical and immoral practices. In his article, Kelso (2011) underlines that fact that each FIFA president has his own duties and responsibilities that correspond to a number of ethics code rules. It is wrong to believe that the mistakes of one person or several people may put under a threat the essence of the whole event.

Of course, the unethical behavior demonstrated by several members of FIFA’s select committee, declared by Triesman during the hearing process, may become as a serious obstacle and a kind of a challenge in the history of FIFA as it is hard to understand what to expect from the committee and its actual targets (Triesman levels corruption charges at FIFA 2011).

The effects of this case cannot be neglected as it has been already introduced to the wide range of public. People know now about what happens to FIFA. Of course, people used to think that some cases of corruption or other examples of unethical behavior could be inherent to FIFA. But now they have evidence and know it is true.

However, our world is not perfect, and people understand that some mistakes can take place. This is why it is very important to consider the presence of such mistakes, overcome the challenge, realize what can be done to punish the accused, and use the most appropriate methods to change the situation for better. FIFA is too important for people, and its mistakes should become a lesson for society.

If your business relates to FIFA (e.g., you are the owner of a soccer club), how will your business be affected by this news and how will you deal with it?

If I were the owner of a soccer club, I think I would be influenced by the events and the news spread about FIFA and the cases of corruption. However, telling the truth, I would not be surprised. As a professional manager, I would know that corruption could be spread in all spheres of life. It is hard to avoid some financial problems, be fair with everyone, and consider ethical behavior all the time.

Sometimes, it is important to break the rules to achieve good results. Sometimes, it is necessary to lie or to hurt someone’s feelings. Of course, it is unpleasant when personal mistakes are identified by other people. Still, it is inevitable. Business, especially football business, has its own peculiarities, and professional managers should be aware of them.

Still, being accused of corruption is not a good thing, and people should think how to avoid it. Current FIFA’s case may become a good lesson for me. I should think about some precautionary methods like to inform employees, organize anti-corruption training, and define the most effective punishment in order not to provide my people with a chance to believe that corruption is something that can be neglected or understood.

Several groups should be organized to make sure that cheating and any other illegal financial operations are under control. People know that it is also possible to find a way and get benefit from something. Still, any kind of such decision should not be made at the expense of a company’s good name. My soccer club should not be known as one steeped in cheating or corruption.

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