FTD Florists Company’ Analysis

FTD Florist was established to serve the floral needs of customers. It offers flower delivery services to its clients. They pride themselves of being full-service florists who serve the needs of each customer and also serve large corporate clients. The priority of FTD Florists is customer satisfaction. It boasts of a large percentage in consumer recognition.

Its FTD logo symbolizes a mark of quality and how reliable it is to consumers. It provides services in the floral industry such as advanced technologies in business systems, credit card clearinghouse and reconciliation, shop supplies, and floral containers.

They also deliver flowers to clients nationally, and worldwide every day, and extreme care is taken while delivering orders to clients. They have onsite flower greenhouses that are well taken care of with much needed attention given in growing the flowers and cut flower arrangements.

In marketing support, it provides florists with the much needed easy access to a variety of marketing programs that are geared to open windows of opportunities. This is normally done by launching aggressive advertising National wide through the use of consumer prints such as Sunday supplements, consumer magazines, and specifically prepared parade magazines.

FTD members enjoy a credit card service through the FTD Cash –Flo. It is affordable and simple to use. There are also a variety of programs and other payment options which allow one to save time due to the accurate billing services that are friendly to one’s cash flow needs. FTD can deposit cash directly into a Member’s account or through the Member’s clearing house account, and their financial statements are easy to read and understand.

Other additional benefits include

  1. Improved efficiency by processing Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, Carte Blanche, and debit cards all through one terminal.
  2. Reduced paperwork and save on equipment expense by sharing your Mercury telephone line.
  3. Improve cash flow by having gross dollars transferred right into your bank account on a daily, weekly, or bi-monthly basis.
  4. Time savings by direct authorization
  5. Reduce fraud and chargebacks by using Address Verification.

FTD has offered added flexibility to customers through the use of FTD Mercury, Mercury direct and Mercury connects, which are designed to offer the customers choices that will make the save their valuable business time and money. This will go a long way in helping members generate profits.

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