Global Warming: Car Emissions Effects


The purpose of my PSAs was to answer the question on how the car emissions affect the global warming. It has been noted that in the UK, the environmental problems, such as these emissions, cause various health problems to the people. The emission by the cars is seen to affect the ecosystem a lot.

Other than the health problem, the emissions affect and harm the climate. This shows that car transport should be able to sustain the environment. I believe that answering the question on how the car emissions cause global warming will enlighten on the suitable means through which this problem can be avoided to improve the health of all the living beings as well as sustain the environment in the most effective manner.

Reflective essay

The PSAs addressed the environmentalists, the fuel companies, dealers, and the general community as a whole. To address these audiences, I tried to show that the car emissions were the main cause of the global warming according to the previous researches, and that every mentioned point has a role to play to find the solution for the problem at hand.

Car dealers should design new cars, communities should go for the cars that cause no harm to the environment, and the fuel dealers should reduce the contaminant that caused carbon monoxide to the environment. On the other hand, the environmentalists are addressed in a view to define their role as that of sensitizing the general public on the effects of the carbon emissions (Macnair 2).

Logically, I tried to explain what mobile emissions were in reality, and how they came about to pollute the environment and contribute to global warming. As a matter of fact, I have really discussed on the problems that the emissions had a bad influence on our health and other helpless organisms.

Car emissions pollute the air by producing dangerous gases which include: “carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, benzene, formaldehyde, polycyclic hydrocarbons, lead and tiny suspended particles”, which are very harmful to human health.

Man contributes to global warming, and global warming causes environmental and health problems which affect humanity in its turn. People should change their attitude towards buying the cars that use energy efficiently. The society should unite if it want to help to reduce the emissions caused by cars.

In order to identify with my audiences, I had to adapt my language to that which every body targeted would understand. For the environmentalists, I made sure that I talked about the pollution caused by the emissions in a more clarified way.

For the manufacturers and car dealers, I made sure that I mentioned everything that pertained to them and identified how the produced fuel contributed to the problem of global warming. For the general community, I stated different health issues that accompanied the emissions with an aim to show how important it was for everybody to join in the fight.

Today, there are a lot of health issues brought about by car emissions to the environment. I believe that my PSAs are timely since a health issue is something that needs to be managed as soon as it is identified. Currently, with the available research tools, it is easier to identify clearly methods through which the emissions can be controlled for safer lives.

For this reason, I presented my PSAs targeting to the people who need to join their efforts in this fight. I also feel that it is not late to find solutions to health issue that may affect the coming generation tremendously.

After viewing the feedbacks from my peers and the instructor, I revised my PSAs and made sure that they covered the ideas I needed to put across. First, I identified my targets and addressed them accordingly. Secondly, I made sure that the language I employed suited my audience very well and that they understood the intensity of the problem very well.

I also ascertained that I was very convincing in trying to answer the question on car emissions and global warming. This way, I found my work more appealing than it was before the corrections. All the suggestions given to me for revision were well considered because they were relevant in making my PSAs.

This project taught me a lot about rhetoric. As a writer, I know that rhetoric helps in informing and persuading any audience that one chooses to address. I could persuade my audiences on the problems caused by car emissions and how they cause global warming. I succeeded to observe my situation keenly to be able to persuade my audiences in writing. Due to rhetoric, I realized that understanding of a subject could be maximally attained by the audience. I was also able to understand the subject better through rhetoric.

If I had more time, I would make sure that my PSAs were more persuasive to sensitize people more on the issue and the importance of coming together with a common goal to achieve better environment and improve our health.

Work Cited

Macnair, Trisha. BBC. Health: Exhaust emissions. 2011. Web.

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