Healthy Lifestyle Tips: Cheaper Ways of Living Healthy, Despite the High Costs of Healthy Lifestyle

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Giving incentives to people or even lowering insurance costs for people so that they can improve or maintain a healthy living or lifestyle is not a permanent solution for health problems.

According to the description, HMO focused on measurable health risks behaviors that results into an increase of blood sugar, pressure and cholesterol in one’s body. Individuals who suffer from such problems can actually take personal initiatives to curb their personal health dilemmas. This paper looks at the various cheaper ways of living healthy, despite the high costs of healthy living in the world.


With the rise of living standards in the today’s economical world, chances are that most people would often eat junk foods and other energy foods leading to increased calories levels, cholesterol and sugar in their bodies. This is a fact, but there are cheaper ways to reduce or work on the junk foods that can lead to even cheaper healthy living other than relying on incentives for the same (Paker, 2007, para. 2-3).

Taking a small portion of your every day in chores, walking and gardening can bring a lot of differences to your health. These movements reduce to a great extent the risk of suffering cardiac arrests, diabetes, obesity and strokes that most people in the word suffer from (Waehna, 2010, para. 3).

Research conducted by the American Nintendo and Heart Association also indicates that promoting physical health plays a major role in reinforcing an individual’s health lifestyle. The report showed that almost 70 per cent of people in America and the world over fail to meet the required levels of body activities in a day or a week. Most people tend to be too busy to attend to their health.

Nevertheless, is it possible to break up your daily routines into short periods of maybe 5-10 minutes and take the stairs instead of going through an elevator? More so if snow or the heavy rain often interrupts your exercises program, host a video game tournament and challenge one another in the house.

This brings a lot of fun into someone’s life hence a life full of health instead of living under pressures and depression (American heart association and Nintendo, 2010, para.4-7).

Eating healthy foods is part of having a healthy lifestyle. Instead of the government and other health organizations investing in health care programs that aim at lowering insurance costs for people who can actually work on their health and avoid health problems, similar programs may be drawn to help individuals who are born with natural terminal diseases.

This is because a healthy diet can reinforce one’s quality of life. One only requires to be informed on how they can measure the amount of calories in the food they take. Such guides are available in glossary lists for healthy living.

Employers can give off breaks for physical activities to their employees instead of letting them sit down the whole day in the work places. Such activities may include having team building programs. Here, the employees have fun while playing games with one another as well as relieve from work and domestic pressures that may lead to cancer illness. This is a great investment in employees’ health.


Simple tasks like moving around while making phone calls or even taking your cherished dog for outings can work wonders in promoting your health. This only requires personal initiatives (American heart association and Nintendo, 2010, para.4-7).Instead of planning for incentive programs, employees and federal bodies should encourage such personal measures.

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