Is Cloning “Playing God”?

Cloning is the “manufacture” of an organism identical to one that already exists. Several types of cloning are practiced among human beings: these are reproductive cloning, therapeutic cloning, and replacement cloning (Playing God?, par 2).

Although Cloning has given rise to several social-ethical implications, especially in the matters concerning family, there are still many reasons to consider accepting cloning in the society. The benefits that come with cloning outweigh the possible risks and this will help in fulfilling God’s plans for the humans.

Cloning has several advantages that make it useful to the modern world; it has numerous applications in medicine, as well as in the field of agriculture. Cloning provides identical animals that are needed for research purposes; this facilitates the rapid production of animals with desired traits (Playing God?, par 3).

The application of the nuclear transfer technology in the field of agriculture ensures faster breeding. With cloning, there is a possibility of transgenic propagation of livestock. These kinds of animals are utilized for organ transplantations and immunity boosting through consumption of products from genetically modified products that are more nutritive (Playing God, par 1).

Cloning applies the idea of gene alteration, which is significant in the improvement of productivity and health of livestock and crops, this ensures that the plants and animals are even more adaptable to the new environment and therefore have more survival skills and adaptability; this means that the humans are protecting God’s creations from extinction through this technology.

For humans to protect and take care of God’s creations they need to, first of all, take care of themselves, they need to survive in the future, they need to be healthy and strong, they need to live as long as possible (Playing God, par 4). Cloning will offer them these opportunities.

Many bright people that lived in the past did not have an opportunity to continue their generation line as they were infertile, the use of reproductive cloning will ensure that such bright-minded families are not extinct and their input will be a vital ingredient for future survival.

Cloning can be utilized in protecting human beings from extinction, for example the laboratory production of the bone marrow, which is a potential cure for the deadly cancer disease threatening the human existence can be overcome; if it is successfully implemented than the humans will always be around to ensure that life is continues on earth.

Sickle cell anemia is a deadly genetic disease as well, it can be eliminated through cloning; this is a great achievement for human beings that should not be ignored.

When God created human beings, His intention was to “protect his creation.” Before human beings advanced in science, so many formally existing species of plants and animals were extinct. The discovery of cloning may offer human beings a chance to correct this anomaly by regenerating this species, thus allowing for their existence (Playing God, par 6).

They will be fulfilling what God indented for them. So many natural calamities is a threat to the existence of living beings, human beings have created a seed bank that is to ensure that living beings are not extinct from this planet, the only way that will ensure such creatures exist in the future is through cloning. Cloning is therefore a Godly thing, as it will offer his creation a surety of existing in to the future.

God created human beings in his own image and likeness, this means humans are alike with God; they are his images on this planet. If a person sires a child, he/she expects the child to be like him/ her, and therefore carryout themselves in a similar manner.

Humans are not just God creation, they are God’s children, and are supposed to be powerful like he is, cloning gives humans a chance to prove to God that they are worth being his sons and daughters as they can carry out extra ordinary things like God himself (Playing God, par 8).

Cloning does not create mater; it simply utilizes already available mater to humans’ advantage, humans are simply utilizing what God has put in place for them to protect themselves and his creation, this signifies God’s intention for the humans to be protectors as he is (Silver, p 10).

As much as cloning is vital for existence of life in the future, it has in some cases encouraged sin. It has been used to encourage homosexuality as it offers homosexuals a chance to have children that share their genetic make-up. Since time immemorial, God has been against homosexuality, this therefore makes cloning un-Godly.

Religious societies suggest that clones may not have souls and therefore lack what links humans to God (Is Cloning Embryos Playing God, par 6). This makes the whole process un-Godly as it prevents the clones from identifying themselves with God and hence do not worship God.

It is undisputable that cloning has controversial circumstances that may seem to be un-Godly. However, it is evident that humans can fulfill God’s plans for them if cloning is implemented with the right intention in mind. Cloning therefore is NOT “playing God” provided it is done morally and ethically.

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