Leadership Vision, Its Goals and Objectives

Leadership refers to the process of influencing people in order to achieve certain goals and objectives. Leaders posses certain qualities and skills that determine their levels of success. Also, they adopt different styles depending on their goals and personality traits.

Examples of leadership styles include narcissistic leadership, laissez-faire leadership, toxic leadership, authoritarian leadership, and democratic leadership. Certain qualities are important for quality leadership. These include vision, ability, enthusiasm, vitality, persistence, charisma, concern for others, self-confidence, stability, and integrity. These qualities also influence the leadership process and determine the level of success attained.

Current qualities that I posses

I am currently taking business administration, majoring in marketing. Marketing is a very challenging career path. However, I am ready to succeed despite numerous challenges and difficulties that professionals in the career encounter. In order to become a leader in my profession, I possess several qualities. They include self-confidence, enthusiasm, charisma, integrity, persistence, and concern for others. These qualities have been developed within the course of my life through learning, working, and interacting with people.

I am self-confident and believe in my ability to achieve goals and objectives. Failure is mainly a consequence of self-doubt and fear. Whenever I set my eyes on a goal, I never let doubt or fear create unnecessary obstacles. Self-confidence entails believing in one’s potential to achieve goals through overcoming challenges, solving problems, and learning from failure.

I have always succeeded because I never doubted myself in any undertaking. Self-confidence eradicates panic and anxiety. It enables me to view setbacks as natural occurrences and as necessary aspects of attaining success. In addition, it helps me to stay calm and positive despite failure.

I am an enthusiastic person because I only pursue things that I am interested in and passionate about. For example, business administration is my passion, which is the main reason why I want to pursue it as a career. Enthusiasm eradicates boredom, prevents development of bad attitudes that lead people to give up before achieving their goals.

This quality augments persistence. It is only through enthusiasm that an individual can persevere despite challenges and difficulties. Marketing is a very challenging profession. However, I believe that I will succeed because of perseverance and enthusiasm.

I am charismatic and can therefore, inspire and motivate people towards achievement of goals and objectives. My charisma is based on assertiveness, self-confidence, and good communication skills. Charismatic people make good leaders because they are able to motivate employees and thus increase their productivity and performance. In addition, charismatic leaders are able to create an attitude of responsibility and commitment in employees.

Finally, integrity is part of qualities that would make me a good leader in my profession of choice. I am honest, ethical, consistent, and trustworthy. These qualities are the reasons why I have so far succeeded in my academic endeavors. Leaders with integrity create trust in employees because their actions are reflections of their words. I always keep my words, and my actions are replications of my words.

Plans to develop missing leadership qualities

Currently, I am pursuing a degree in business administration majoring in marketing. In future, I hope to develop skills and acquire knowledge in order to develop marketing plans, solve different marketing case scenarios, and determine market prices.

In order to attain qualities to enable me to do these things, I intend to complete my degree program and acquire the necessary knowledge. Acquiring knowledge on different marketing challenges and requirements is necessary in order to become a good leader. Good leaders are knowledgeable in their field of practice.

Marketing skills are also necessary for leaders in that profession. Therefore, I intend to look for a job in the marketing field in order to acquire skills that will develop my leadership qualities. The job will provide skills, experience, and further knowledge regarding the profession.

Leaders are compassionate and concern themselves with the welfare of other people. In order to develop this quality, I plan to volunteer and do a lot of charity work. In addition, I will learn how to form mutual relationships because good leaders know how to interact and relate with employees effectively.

Other qualities that are needed include vitality, stability, and vision. I will develop vitality and stability by attaining adequate knowledge related to the field of marketing. The knowledge will be necessary for determining market prices, trends, and dynamics.

Marketing is a challenging profession that has many obstacles. I plan to develop problem-solving skills to be able to deal with marketing challenges. I will achieve this by reading voraciously on different aspects of marketing. Learning how to conduct research and make good decisions is also important.

For example, good research skills are important for an inquiry into market trends, customer preferences, and price dynamics. This knowledge will facilitate the resolution of obstacles associated with marketing. After completing my degree, I intend to gain additional knowledge by pursuing a postgraduate degree in marketing. An undergraduate degree is not sufficient to guarantee success in the profession.

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