Mahatma Gandhi and Siddhartha Gautama’s Biographies

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Mahatma Gandhi and Siddhartha Gautama’s are both great men in the history of India who did a great deal in enhancing the growth of their country. They were born by great leaders of India. It is said that, their success never came normally but instead it was propheticied by some of the people in their history.

The fun thing both Mahatma and Siddhartha is that, they married wives of the same ages. Mahatma married to Kasturbai Makanji when they were both thirteen years while Siddhartha married to her cousin when both were sixteen. (Grover)

The similarities

Mahatma and Siddhartha being among the great men in the history of India, who had great thoughts; they some times differed in thoughts. They both thought of the limitation of rationality and violence. Their thought brought about the balanced dialogue and advised on the best means to determine conflict in India.

Soul force is another thought that, both Mahatma and Siddhartha had in common. This thought helped in fighting against injustice since justice was insufficient or extremely imperfect, they wanted a new technique. This thought helped a lot in the growth of India. (Grover)

Limitation in the Satyagraha is another thought that, they had in common. This theory helped in the enhancement of human nature, social transform and political dealings required to break through the thin straitjacket of the reason-violence dichotomy, and inventively discovered innovative shapes of political praxis. This helped in the physical conditions in the country of India. (Docstoc)

It also said that, in their thoughts Mahatma and Siddhartha thoughts differed in a number of ways. First of all, Siddhartha did not take economic philosophy as a primary but instead he took it as a secondary issue. This brought a great difference in between Mahatma and Siddhartha since economic philosophy was of great importance to the country and it framed the economic of the country and for this reason it was supposed to be looked at by the many. Due to this, it brought a great contraction between the two. (Grover)

The seven deadly sins is a thought used by Mahatma as an active establishment to the efficiency of quality, management, service, team building, managerial arrangements and other planned commercial ideas. This Mahatma thought, helped a lot in fighting the deadly sins that could have caused the slow growth of their country which was unlike to Siddhartha thoughts.

It is not clear whether Siddhartha participated in the seven deadly sins but the little research done shows that, he termed the seven deadly sins as a secondary issue. For this reason this thought took quite a time in its effectiveness because Siddhartha did not assist a lot in selling the idea. (Docstoc)


Mahatma Gandhi and Siddhartha Gautama’s are both great men in the history of India how did a great deal in enhancing the growth of their country. Their thoughts are believed to have participated a lot on the enhancement of the country.

The good thing with Mahatma and Siddhartha is that, they had many similar thoughts that after applying them had a great impact to their country. Some similar thoughts they had like limitation of rationality and violence, the limitations of Satyagraha, and economic philosophy which gave the country its stability. Although, they had some contractions, the similarities had overtaken everything else.

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