Modernism and Postmodernism: Which World View Is More Conducive to Christian Beliefs

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Modernism and postmodernism belong to the same movement. Both are based on changes in cultural, economic, and social movements. However, the two movements differ when it comes to the way of thinking. This essay will explore which world view, the modernity or the postmodernity, is more conducive to Christian beliefs. I think that modernism is more conducive to Christian beliefs because Christian beliefs are based on faith.


Modernism is objective. Thinkers who belonged in this movement tried to search for the real meaning of life; in other words, the inner truths. On the other hand, thinkers in postmodernism believe that life is meaningless. Modernism began around the year eighteen ninety and lasted till the year nineteen forty-five, and this was at the end of Second World War Two. Postmodernism is said to have begun after the Second World War. This is because this period is characterized by complex developments in economic, cultural, and social sectors.

Thinkers and artists in modernism are considered to be rational thinkers. This is because they believe in science and technology, and they advocated for logical thinking. On the other hand, postmodernism is irrational. This is because it does not advocate for logical thinking, rather they advocate for antiscientific thinking (Loyola College 1).


Modernism advocates for learning from experiences. Christians learn a lot from past experiences that were encountered by the apostles. A good example in the bible is when Daniel (6:1-28) was thrown in a den of lions after failing to pray to other gods. From this story, we learn that the God of Daniel rescued him from the lions. This is a great encouragement to Christians since from this story they learn that if one serves God with truth and honesty, then God will send his angels to protect him/her from enemies (The Holy Bible 621).

Modernism is more optimistic compared to postmodernism. The reason why I say so is that modernist thinkers see life as purposeful while postmodernism thinkers see life as meaningless. According to the Bible, in the book of Jeremiah, the Lord says of Jeremiah that he knew him, set him apart and appointed him even before he was formed in his mother’s womb.

This means that he was born for a purpose, as indicated in Jeremiah 1: 5 (The Holy Bible 525). Christians, therefore, believe that everyone was born with a purpose. However, Solomon, in the same Bible, states, in Ecclesiastes ch.1, 2 & 3, that life is meaningless (The Holy Bible 464 and 465).

Modernism values original arts and literature, while postmodernism sees no truths in original work. Literature in the bible was written many years back, but this literature is still of great importance up to date. Generations to generations have been using this book, and they believe in it.


I believe that artists and thinkers who belong to modernism are in a better position to understand and appreciate life. Though points have been forwarded by proponents of postmodern, they should disregard them to make life simple and worth living.

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