New Experiences for a Future International Journalist

Studying abroad is an eye opening and life changing experience that will help a person achieve numerous goals. For instance, I will be able to achieve a manifold aim, which means I will pursue my academic goals, become proficient in Italian and learn about the country as well as my own self.

Most importantly, I will pursue my academic and career goals. I am earning my degree in journalism in a US college. I have learned a lot about the profession and I have acquired numerous skills, which are necessary for a successful journalist.

Importantly, I have found out about numerous innovative techniques used in the US journalism. However, I would like to be an international journalist and, hence, I need to have a broader perspective on the matter. I need to know the ways journalism is developing in different parts of the world. Studying abroad is the best opportunity to acquire such knowledge.

Now, I am eager to learn more about journalism in Italy. I am especially interested in the way Italian journalists interact with their viewers and the way these techniques are seen by the public. The use of technology is another important aspect that is of particular interest to me. I wonder if Italian journalists make an extensive use of social media. Clearly, I will be able to know this all if I take a course in journalism in an Italian college.

Apart from that, I intend to take a course in Italian. I would like to master this language, as it is one of the international languages used in many international organizations. Of course, living in the country is the best way to learn a foreign language and become proficient in it.

Alongside with the language, I will learn more about the culture and people living in Italia. I am willing to know more about the Italian history, cultural peculiarities of different regions as well as the famous Italian cuisine.

This will broaden my horizons and I will be more prepared to live and work in a diverse environment. This experience will be beneficial for me as an international journalist since I will also acquire the necessary skills to communicate with different people coming from different backgrounds.

Importantly, it will positively affect my confidence and my self-development. I will not feel uncomfortable (afraid or shy) communicating with people in different countries, which is essential for an international journalist. Of course, I will make new friends and meet various people.

I believe I will develop numerous links that may be helpful for my future career. Journalism is associated with communicating with people and building a variety of links to be able to know more and raise people’s awareness on the most topical issues.

Finally, I will better understand myself. Studying abroad can be associated with certain personal challenges as I have never been to a foreign country for so long. I will understand whether I am ready to travel a lot and be away from the country, my family lives in. I am an open-minded person who is ready for new experiences.

Therefore, I believe I will have no difficulties in integrating into the community. At the same time, reality can be somewhat different and I may face challenges that will be common for a life and career of an international journalist. This is why I am committed to study abroad to learn about the country, the profession and myself.

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