Plan of the Party for Friend

A party is always the best way to communicate with your friends in the informal atmosphere, to discuss many interesting topics, and have a lot of fun. A good party is also the best way to entertain your friends and the excellent chance to share some good news with a lot of people. The news about Ann Johnson’s coming home is wonderful, and they are worth discussing. The whole community knows the details of this strange case about the kidnapped girl.

On the second of May, all Ann’s relatives, friends, classmates, and teachers will have the opportunity to congratulate the girl and her parents participating in the homecoming party. It is absolutely necessary to come to the party because besides the opportunity to meet Ann and to share with her relatives the happiness of her coming back, all the friends and teachers will be able to enjoy delicious food and drinks prepared by the chef of the best restaurant in the town who is the friend of the family, to admire some great entertainments which are prepared by Ann’s friends and the local artists, to listen to short speeches presented by those people who were waiting for Ann’s coming back with a hope.

Ann’s main dream during these terrible six months since her kidnapping was to see her relatives and friends and to return to her ordinary way of life full of joy and pleasure. Coming to the party, all those people who know Ann will realize their opportunity to share with the girl the extreme happiness of her coming back and support her in starting a new life because all the people in the world understand the level of the stress from which Ann suffered. The main advantage of this party could be the warn atmosphere in which loving people congratulate each other with the wonder of Ann’s returning and thank God for this chance.

Each party is unique in its delicious food and drinks. Ann’s relatives have invited their best friend who is the chef of the best restaurant in this town to help them to prepare for the party. In spite of the fact the party will be held at Ann’s parents’ residence, the food and drink will be of the highest class.

This fact is also advantageous for those people who can hesitate whether to visit the party. The party is worth visiting because all the guests will have wonderful opportunities not only to communicate with Ann but also to taste the masterpieces provided by the chef. He will make accents on the dishes made of the sea delicacies and vegetables to please the tastes of each person in the party.

Drinks will also be various. All of Ann’s young friends will have the opportunity to enjoy the best milk and chocolate cocktails. The delicious food is not the main reason for coming to the party, but it is a pleasant bonus for those people who want to speak to Ann and spend their spare time perfectly.

Entertainments are not also a good way to spend the time during the party, but they are necessary to Ann now. To have the chance to share her joy with close people is very important for the girl. Ann’s friends have decided to prepare some kinds of entertainments for Ann and her relatives.

All the members of the community should be active participants of the celebration. The night will be divided into several parts with the help of different types of games and other activities. The guests should take part in funny games and dance. Moreover, local artists are invited to participate in the party. Their show is the most exciting part of this holiday for Ann.

The most touching part of the celebration is the opportunity to say some words about Ann’s coming and all her relatives, friends, classmates, and teachers’ dreams and hopes. All these people believed in Ann’s returning home, and they should come to the party as the important people in her life.

Furthermore, to listen to Ann’s feelings is also significant. This party is her chance to get rid of her fears. The speeches provided by Ann’s relatives, close friends, teachers, and the local authorities are expected to be presented in the first part of the celebration to greet Ann’s coming home.

Many parties are held every month in our community. Nevertheless, this party which is dedicated to Ann Johnson’s coming back differs from the other ones because it is held in order to provide the chance for the close people to communicate with Ann after the months of her absence in the town, to support the girl at the start of her new life, to present the definite short speeches, to share with her the pleasure of tasting the delicious food and good drink. The great entertainments are also the necessary part of this party which is worth attending. The safety at the party will also be provided by the authorities.

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