Possible Effects After Abortion

There have always been some disputable questions and issues in the history of humanity. The reason for it lies in the nature of human beings. Tastes differ, and there is always a great number of different approaches to the same issue.

Some people condemn the disputable phenomenon, considering it to be inappropriate, while other people take it as a quite usual and necessary thing. That is why men argue about the character of some issues. However, there is hardly a question in the history of humanity, which can be called more disputable than abortion.

Having appeared at the dawn of human society, this procedure has always provoked numerous debates and discussions.

The reason for it lies in the character of the procedure. The thing is that it deals with the life of a human being and peoples attitude to the right of parents to manage it. The theme is so broad that it includes religious, moral, health, and some other issues.

However, in spite of a great number of different approaches to this issue, it is possible to say that this procedure contradicts human nature. Abortion is a dangerous and unethical procedure that can damage the health and psyche of a person, and that is why it should be prohibited and used only in some cases of emergency.

Abortions are extremely dangerous for the health of a woman. It is the first obvious reason against this procedure. The thing is that every surgery is a very risky issue, which can lead to some complications or even death. Abortion is risky too.

First of all, even if it is made by professionals, there is a great possibility of complications that can damage the health of women and lead to sterility (Possible Physical Side Effects After Abortion, n.d.). It is a great tragedy for every woman; however, especially crucial, it is for a young one.

Maternity is the main mission of women, and abortion can deprive them of this chance. Moreover, not all procedures are made under good conditions and in good hospitals. Very often, young girls are ashamed of their actions and do this procedure under horrible conditions, trying to conceal their fault.

There is no use denying the fact that a great number of back-street abortions lead to severe complications and even death. With this in mind, this practice is very dangerous for women. However, health problems are not the only reason.

The moral aspect of this issue is also very important and can lead to total devastation of the personality and psyche of a patient (Mental Health and Abortion, 2014). There are several reasons for this statement. First of all, it is very difficult for a woman to make this step. However, even having done it, she can feel remorse about her actions. Actually, she has killed her child (The Ethics of Abortion, n.d.).

There are different approaches to a fetus and whether consider it to be a human being or not. However, there is no difference between a woman who has just had an abortion.

Even if she is an adherer of the idea that a fetus is just a set of cells, her conscience will remind her constantly about this step. Very often, abortions become one of the main reasons for suicide among young girls (Reardon, n.d.). Being afraid of the reaction of society towards their actions, young girls prefer not to live with the pang of guilt.

Besides, the reaction of society towards this procedure is not unambiguous. However, it is obvious that it should condemn abortions for the further development of our planet. Modern age can be characterized by a great number of new and, sometimes, controversial approaches. However, there are still people who think logically and understand the great threat of this very procedure.

The thing is that more and more women have a pregnancy terminated nowadays. The tendency is so threatening that it can lead to great problems in the future connected with the ability of women to give birth. That is why it is possible to say about the necessity of the creation of some strict rules.

Abortion should be allowed only in some complicated cases, such as acts of violence or a serious threat to the health of a mother. Nevertheless, society should understand the inhumane and unethical character of this issue. Moreover, religion can become one of the important factors which can influence people.

The majority of religions in the world prohibit abortions, considering it to be a great sin and a murder of a child. Moreover, the Church has always been proclaiming its position and trying to convince people not to do it. Almost all religions take life as a gift from God, and it is not for human beings to interrupt it. With this in mind, it is possible to say that the procedure of abortion is an attempt to go against nature and God.

Resting on this fact, this step can have a pernicious influence on the psyche of a person and lead to severe complications. Moreover, due to religious beliefs, women who had abortions could be seriously damaged or even killed in some countries. With this in mind. It is possible to say that having a negative attitude to abortions, religion should show people their ignorance and make them realize the value of human life.

Nevertheless, it is obvious that there is another point of view on this question in society. Some people believe that they are able to manage their lives and the lives of their children. Their main argument is that a fetus cannot be called a human being as it is just a set of cells, and that is why it is for a woman to decide what to do with it.

There is no use denying the fact that every person has a right for his/ her own point of view. However, it is obvious that this approach is inhumane and unethical and leads to the corruption of society and its morals.

Having analyzed the main aspects of the issue of abortion, it is possible to make a certain conclusion. First of all, it should be said that it is rather a disputable issue which has been actual for decades and it is impossible to find some compromise as people all over the world have different points of view on it.

The reason for such a great topicality of this question lies in the fact that it includes a great number of different aspects, such as the religious, moral, aspect of the health of a person and his/her conscious. However, it is obvious that medical risks and the possibility of severe complications combined with deep regrets and condemn of society can serve as the good evidence for the prohibition of this procedure.


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