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The manner or behaviour that entails one party abusing the other denotes domestic violence. The violence mainly happens between the families, dating, cohabitation, marriages, as well as intimate relationship. Domestic violence may come I form of intimate partner violence, dating abuse, family violence, battering, spousal abuse, and domestic abuse.

Different kinds of domestic violence encompass sexual, economic, verbal, emotional, and physical abuses. These types result into death or defect considering that they vary from coercive and slight forms to brutal and bodily cruelty.

Globally, husbands have murdered more than thirty-eight percent of their spouses as asserted by the World Health Organization. In this paper, I looked at the different programs that provide services for eradicating domestic violence in Miami.

The Miami-Dade County

During the course of the week, I got involved in searching for the information about stopping the domestic violence in Miami-Dade County. Miami-Dade County has a population of around 3 million people. The information regarding the census did not cater for the people who were unwilling to participate for one reason or the other. Indeed, the population is a huge number for a city that has grown for the last 70 years.

The exponential growth in the County is analyzed from the fiscal 1930s and 1940 up to the present date. Interestingly, the population by that time was nearly 20-30 thousand people (Miamidae.Gov, par. 2). With the increase in the number of people in the County, the number of different kinds of violence increases significantly.

Community Action and Human Services

In the course of my research, I found several resources within the county that provided valuable and important information about violence in general. The fact that violence could have different faces, the most common type of violence was related to the abuse of dominant gender male over the female (Miamidade, Gov, par. 5). After several trials, I made contact with the authorities that deal with domestic violence.

The Director (Roberta) provided me with the valuable website that helped in locating the required information that relates to domestic violence. The conversation between us engaged a face to face chat that lasted for almost 7 to 10 minutes. The lady was sympathetic towards the incidences of domestic violence.

However, due to the nature of her work she regretted releasing more information. Based on the information that was available in the website and other additional materials, she could not be permitted to release more information about abuse, rape, and domestic violence issues. Subsequently Roberta availed me with some links that contained information about the issues of violence and its different contexts.

The MUJER Program

After going through the information provided in the websites, I realised how diverse violence posses different characteristics. Certainly, the most common type of domestic violence arises from the male partners over their feminine counterparts. MUJER, the Miami-based website that also means WOMEN in English version, was one of the main sources that proved important.

The website provides information regarding violence and its consequences in the society. Through the site, I could navigate and see all the different options of getting information regarding the type of violence that any person may experience (MUJER, par. 3).

MUJER is more dedicated to domestic violence in all its dimensions. Surprisingly, I discovered the program that involved a student from the Florida international University where I pursued my undergrad courses.

The Crusade Immigrant Outreach Project

The program (FIU/Crusade Immigrant Outreach Project) provided the agency with the tips of promoting the wellbeing and safety of the families that suffer from domestic violence. Besides, the program was aimed at supporting the women who suffered from domestic violence but could not take any action since they lacked immigrant status.

It would have been easy to take part in this project if I had familiarized myself with it while I was still a student at FIU. Moreover, my cooperation could boost women to raise their voices besides fighting for their rights through the project (Miamidade. Gov, par. 7). Presently, I am aware of the existence of diverse resources that can be lifesaving to women who suffer from domestic violence at any particular time.

The DVSAC Miami

Additionally, I was introduced to another website that provided me with the relevant information. The DVSAC Miami that stands for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Council of Greater Miami provides the possible information I required. The more comprehensive website targeted women from different communities all over the County.

The entire information in this website is in three different languages to ease understanding. The English translation enables all the Anglo-speaking women to understand. Similarly, the Spanish edition enables ease of understanding to the Spanish speaking community. Further, the Creole enabled the Haitian society that is rapidly growing section of the Miami diversity to understand.

The website also targeted the women with disabilities (DVSAC, par. 3). Such women fall victims of domestic violence or sexual assault. In personal view, I never thought of the existence of such type of crime. My attempt to reach Maria Rodriguez, the in-charge of Women with Disabilities Can’t be Beat program bounced as she could not attend to my phone calls.

The program mainly aimed at the women with disabilities. In this context, immigrant women are the target under this program. My aspiration was to comprehend whether or not women who were not capable of denouncing crime for fear of immigration repression was considered a disabled lot under this website.

Sexual Crime Investigation Unit

The Miami-Dade County government has its own website that is dedicated to the issue of domestic violence. The 311 phone number is in place to denounce any domestic violence. I later came across a program that targets mothers and their children who suffer from domestic violence. In this case, both the mother and her children faced violent abuses from the father.

The website discusses means of detecting the element of domestic abuse in order to stop the cycle of violence in the family (Miamidade.Gov, par. 8). Equally, it helps to monitor the behavioural changes in children who suffer from domestic violence that might lead to future criminal behaviour.

The website deliberates the relationship between drug abuse and the high rate of families with illegal drug usage and domestic violence. Ultimately, the site addressed the consequences of DIU along with the way it marks a sign of potential domestic violence supposed it was feebly tackled.


The assignment is important as it enabled the awareness of the importance of obtaining information related to domestic violence. In essence, it prepared me to be in a position of helping other individuals with the information obtained. It is important to understand the resources that are relevant and well positioned when dealing with domestic violence.

One is capable of embracing the different ways of stopping the cycle of domestic violence after understanding the assignment. The concept of learning the outcomes of violence might contribute in reducing family-related violence by the imminent generation. Thus, the specific assignment provided me with enough tools for learning that it is important to eradicate violence at all costs.

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