Red Tails by George Lucas Film Analysis

What do you know about the first all African-American squadron in the World War II? May be you suppose that it cannot be the real fact? Red Tails produced by George Lucas can help you supplement the luck of historical knowledge. This movie is a life action-drama about the Tuskegee Airmen during the World War II. Watching Red Tails, I have noticed the different sides that may be considered as the good or overacting.

First of all, I liked that the movie tells us story about the World War II, doing it in a very active, interesting way. A squadron of the African-American pilots in the Tuskegee training program faces with the problem of segregation (Red Tails 2012). The movie is based on the real story of Colonel A J. Bullard and his friends.

It is interesting to observe a number of problems, personal reflections and acts of the heroes. Besides, I agree that such way of presentation can attract the attention of more U.S. citizens. It is always interesting to find some white spots or just not well-known facts of our history. In this case, the cinematic value of the movie is high. However, I found myself slightly bored due to the simple way of narration.

Nevertheless, the technical effects in the movie are great. I can say that, from this point of view, the team did a great job. The technical characteristics can attract the attention of a wide audience, making the story more popular. I always respect those directors who try to present the historical events in such bright and interesting way. This is a good method of spreading the facts of our history that wide audience probably is not acquainted with.

However, there are some points that make me feel doubting. For instance, the African-American air squadron seems too impossible and improbable. I suppose that many people asked this question, is it really possible in the World War II for the U.S. forces to have the African-American squadron? However, the plot is based on the real life-story.

But, I felt myself like a child, when the heroes try to show that the alcohol is evil, that Nazis are bad, etc. Such simple ideas which are common in the society do not need a special demonstration in the present context. Besides, I have noticed several mistakes. For instance, the pilots in the movie do not seem to be experienced.

It is obviously viewed throughout the movie. The movie represents the Tuskegee Airmen as the most intelligent, educated and brave team of the air forces. Obviously, such view is overestimated, because it is impossible to say that one division or squadron could be braver than another. I agree that the major idea of human equality and especially within the army is very philanthropy and cannot be considered as a bad issue. However, I still suppose that such presentation is overacted.

In fact, I did not regret that I got this experience. I learnt new information about the historical events. I got the chance to discuss a work of the professionals. I like an idea of the equality and bravery. However, there are also a number of negative moments in the movie. Although it seems overacting, it is the good experience that helps thinking about our history, human qualities and the principles this world is based on.

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