Second Amendment as a Research Topic

Choosing a topic for further research is always a challenge because it requires thinking it over and gathering as much detail as possible prior to the study itself, such as making up preliminary plans and identifying the desired outcomes. It should be the subject of interest, but, at the same time, there should be some background knowledge and gaps to fill while conducting the research.

As I started selecting the topic for my future research, I mentioned some issues of particular interest. The first one was the Second Amendment guaranteeing the right to own arms. This topic caught my attention due to the recent developments in the legal environment and opposing the right to possess guns. I wanted to get to the roots of the problem and find out why it became so acute.

The second potential topic was white privilege. I thought about this one when I came across the statistics of winning Oscar awards and realized that African Americans won them more rarely than white actors.

What interested me in studying it was the opportunity to discover whether similar statistics are the consequence of history and segregation of public life. Finally, I thought of investigating gender equality. I wanted to know how the perception of women’s role in society changed over time.

However, as I spent some time reflecting on these subjects, I decided that writing about the Second Amendment would be the most appealing and interesting topic. There are several reasons for choosing it. First of all, I love studying history, especially the origins of American society and state. Moreover, there are numerous views on the right to own arms.

So, I wanted to find how they changed over time and why the Second Amendment was adopted in the first place. Finally, I decided that it would be challenging to hypothesize on its future and any changes in the legal environment pertaining to it. However, reaching this objective would be impossible without filling the gaps in my knowledge of the history and current state of mind on the Second Amendment.

As for now, I am definitely a pro-Second Amendment. I believe that American citizens should be guaranteed the right to own guns because sometimes it is the only way to ensure the safety and wellbeing of an individual.

Furthermore, in my opinion, there is no relation between being eligible for possessing arms and crime rate because, basically, if a person bears malice, no law will stop them, but the law allowing weapons might save someone’s life. Besides, I assume that the right to own guns may be seen as one of the natural rights of an individual because, in fact, it signifies the right to life and safety.

Hopefully, I will find responses to all my questions while studying the topic. What interests me the most is whether there is a direct link between the crime rate and the right to own and carry guns.

In addition to it, I hope that I will discover why there are so many perspectives on the Second Amendment among scholars, historians, and politicians, and how to arrive at a common view, if possible. Finally, I hope to determine whether the issue is solely political or social welfare is also taken into consideration when debating over the future of this amendment, and its implementation into the legal environment.

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