Simplifying the Structure of Logic Gates and the Performance of Computers

Advantage of logic gates

There are several advantages of logic gates on computer operations and performances.

First, the logic gates are faster, consume much less power, and are much smaller in size ( Nationmaster 1).

The logic gates are cascadable. This gives the advantage of enabling the circuit construction, where the output of one gate can be wired to several other logic gates and this gives the designers an advantage of not necessarily understanding the working of the gates. There are further advantages of generating lesser noise and it is less affected by noise and if noise is a certain level, the logic circuits behave if there was no noise around it.

Moreover, the information storage system is very easy in the logic circuit, which gives it the advantage of storing a large amount of data and can be retrieved without degradation.

The logic gates store information through a storage element called a capacitor and be able to connect the output logically. In computer memory, the logic circuit performs storage, and as many different types of designs and are used with relation to the desired application. ( Nationmaster 1).

In addition, the operation of logic gates in the computer can produce graphic elements that can generate block diagrams that produce the logic design. In its graphic function, each block represents an individual element or combination of elements that produce the diagram. The logic gates also have the advantage of checking errors in the computer graphics and other information input in the computer to verify if there is any problem in the graphic design. However, if the error is detected, they have the capability of specifying the nature of the problem and this allows error correction. (World Intellectual Property Organisation 1)

The effectiveness of logic gates/circuits in increasing the performance of the computer

The computer is made up of a large number of interconnected arrays of circuits, which are called logic gates.

Typically, the computer operates at a very high speed, level of efficiency with signal in the computer pass through an enormous number of gates. In the building of a computer, the logic gates are used to build the memory and another device in the computer. (Blundell, Khan, Lasebae, et al 32)

However, the gate networks are not alike, most gates are greatly different in speed and performance. The performance of logic gates depends on the design methodology. In improving the performances of the logic gates for enhancement of performances computer. With the best design methodology, the circuit can be made to function faster, which improves the performance of computer efficiency. (Inform IT, 3)

Thus, with specially designed circuits in the computer memory, the computer can be designed to process a very great deal of information at a very high level of efficiency. (Directron 1)

It is well known that for a computer to work effectively, the computer needs three key elements to work. A processor, memory chips, and disk drive. However, technology research has shown that enhancement of computer circuit with specially designed methodology can enhance the computer memory, which in turn improve the performance of computer efficiency. ( Roland Piquepaille’s Technology Trend 1 )

With the logical functions performed by logic gates, they have the capability of increasing the functional density of computers. This is by improving the reliability of computer results, which gives the rapidity of computer operations. Additionally, the logic functions can accomplish more rapidly the logic functions by improving the computer system. (Free Patent Online p1)


For example, with the development of transistor-based integrated circuits, and their configuration, there is the enhancement of computational speed. It has been known that logic gates can operate the computer system with extreme rapidity in operation. (Patent Storm, 1).

Thus, owing to the conventional microprocessors, where information is transferred to memory to be electrically processed and being prevented from getting lost, the computational performance can be improved with the logic gate being adapted to be capable of storing the output. ( Roland Piquepaille’s Technology Trend 1 )

In addition, with the modern technique of designing a circuit, the circuit is known to be tolerant to noise immunity. The state of art design can enhance the noise immunity to be 1.5X, and this can save 81% of the power. ( Chen, Whey and Wu, 295-297)

In addition, a computer circuit can save considerable power energy in the computer. The circuit in the computer consists of a power supply(20) with an output of (PS_+5VSB)that provides a standby voltage. Thus, the switch circuit function can perform at a low level and reduce power consumption in the computer system. (Free patent online 1)

Thus, with overall performances of logic gates in the power dissipation in the computer system, the research has revealed that 8% of the power consumed is from the internet and computer systems. Thus, modern specially designed logic gates in the computer system could reduce power consumption for the enhancement of communication. The minimization of power consumption is critical for both portable and stationary computers. At present, with the rapid increase in computer information systems, there have been billions of logic gates with the technical capability of 64 GIBITS memory per chip that enhance computer memory. (Singh, 5-7)

To enhance the computer memory in improving the performance of computer system, the state-of-art logic gates with 400 GBIT memory has been known to enhance computer performances. (Singh, 5-7).

It should be noted that for the enhancement of computer performance, computer memory plays a key role in computer systems and overall computer performances. Thus, the amount of memory in the computer is an important contributing factor in the overall performance of computer operations. Operations such as speed, processing of information, ability to store a large amount of information. Thus, insufficient memory causes the computer system to perform below 50% of performance potential. (Directron 1)

To improve computer memory, the logic gates have been known to upgrade computer memory. The computer systems have now been fabricated with have logic gates, which enhance the 400 GBIT memory of the computer system. (Singh, 5-7).

In addition, the operation of logic circuits in the computer system can be reconstructed so that the computer system can record errors in its operations. With logic gates, the more precise operation can be recorded in the operations in the computer system. The noise immunity of logic circuits leads to easy storage of data in computer memory. (Answer 1)

It also noted that the logic gates can reorder instruction in the computer in a logical manner. The gate can make the computer code instruction so that the instruction will be executed with process speed.

In addition, the hardware capacity can also be increased with logic gates, which increase the bits at a time with increase the interconnection of high-speed bus, increase hardware processor, and shrinking of logic gates size. More gates can be packed tightly, which will lead to changing of processor organization and architecture of the computer. The shrinking of logic gates allows different stages of execution of different instructions at the same time and this allows the multiple processing with a single processor. (Olsen, 1-18 )

With the improvement of methods of designing logic circuits, where the shrinking size of the physical gate has been known to contribute to the key development that aids in increasing the 10-gigahertz processor computer module. This is notable development lead to the creation of the computer Pentium M that has a speed function of more than 2.2 gigahertz, with internal portions of that chip achieving 4.4 gigahertz. ( New York Times 1-2)

In operation of computer, speed is very important in design of the processor. Thus, with invention of logic gates the computer processor can be easily design and be able to process very large amount of data. ( New York Times 1-2). The smaller aspect of gates aid in reducing the layout room required for computer design, and facilitation of interconnection between logic gates. (Patent Storm 1)

The device in gates lead to minimizing designing effect of microchips that permits the drastic reduction of the size of electronic computers an the cooling effects. Formerly, there were various problems associated with reduction of computer system. The problems such as small memory and inability of computer system to process information at a great speed. However, with the invention of the logic gates, these problems has been solved. Presently, there are several small portable computer that have large memory and have the ability to process information at a very high speed. The present logic circuits devices produces super-high-speed operation that is particularly useful for CPU to process data in high-speed. This gives the computer to perform the advanced arithmetic operations in electronic computer. (Patent Storm 1)


The invention of logic gates/circuits have been demonstrated to be of very high value in the operation of computer system. The logic functions performed by the logic gates in logic manner make them to be of high value to the electronics computer. Its very small size has been proven to be a great importance for the designing of computer electronics. No wonder, there are many powerful portable computer s available today ,which have the power to process information at a very high speed and have capability to store very large amount of information.

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