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Snapple Juice targets all the youths and young people. As far as market segmentation is concerned, Snapple juice targets the health conscious market segment (Snapple 16). The company brands and beverages target the youth and they have been doing well in this target market. All along, Snapple juice has continued to attract a good number of customers (Lee 13).

The end users of this product are health conscious consumers who want to have a new experience as far as juice and beverages are concerned. This can be explained from a wide range of products like carbonated and non-carbonated drinks (Snapple 26). Others like juices and juice drinks can also be used by these health conscious consumers.

One-on-one marketing and customer relationship marketing can enhance marketing in a broad way. Through one-on-one marketing, a customer can ask various questions that have been bothering him/her about the product. Customer relationship management enhances the relationship between customers and the company (Lee 18). This is good because the company will understand their needs without any problem. In the long run, these customers can end up as good ambassadors of the products.


Snapple juice drinks are marketed under the “Snapple 100%” brand name. The product has a wide range of brands that are specifically meant to suit different market tastes and preferences. Such brands include tea, juice drink, 100% juiced, water and diet.

The company has been discontinuing other flavors and brands in relation to changes in the market (Burros 21). Snapple juice drinks have a holiday themed packaging that resonates well with customers. It should be known that there are interesting numbered facts that have always been printed in caps.

Snapple juice has been a dominant market player because it has responded well to end-users needs. In this case, there are various buying factors that attract customers. Snapple juice has been considered as the official New York City beverage.

Critical buying factors have been the quality and features of the product (Lee 27). Customers buy the product because it is well packaged and branded. Another critical buying factor is the taste of the drinks and juice. The product offers a strong purchasing experience that has continued to attract customers.

It is undeniable that the product has unique and critical buying factors that have continually attracted customers but more needs to be done. This is based on the fact that there is a lot of competition in the market and the company needs to position itself well (Burros 25). Snapple juice should turn customer input into innovation for sustainability. Risky ideas and market approaches should be avoided. New tastes should be introduced to satisfy the ever demanding market.

The fruits and beverages industry has a unique product life cycle that changes as time goes by. There has been an argument that the industry has a product life cycle of 24 months. This is based on the way that the product will be received in the market. Snapple products are in the drinks and beverages category and the company has been a dominant player as time goes by (Lee 32). The company has a line of all natural juices that are occasionally reviewed in relation to current market tastes and preferences.

Snapple juice can be said to be in the maturity stage. This is because it is an established brand that has been in the market for a long time. As a matter of fact, Snapple juice is a household brand name in the juices and beverages industry and this is commendable. Because differentiation is common in this stage, the company has been coming up with new products like tea, lemonades and diet drinks to attract new customers (Lee 39). This has been done to make it relevant in the ever competitive market.

There is a lot of competition in the industry and the company has come up with a unique pricing approach for different brands. In extreme cases, it has reduced its prices because of high intensity in competition. Snapple juice is in the maturity stage because it has continually emphasized on product differentiation (Snapple 13). Distribution on the other hand has been intensive and incentives have been occasionally offered. This has been done to encourage preference over other competing products.

Snapple juice is well positioned in the market with an extended product line. An established product line has been behind the products success in the market. This has been the company’s competitive advantage because customers relate well with its brand (Snapple 34). In the long run, it has given it an edge over other companies especially in the introduction of new brands on its product line.


The unique selling preposition of Snapple juice is its large product line. As a matter of fact, the product is aimed at health conscious consumers and this has made it unique in the market (Snapple 22). Different flavors have been introduced in the market to suit diverse tastes and preferences.

There is a special distinction between Snapple juice and other juices because of its packaging and branding (Lee 19). In this case, the product stands out from the rest. Most of its brands are natural and this is why it has ended up with a unique selling preposition.

Currently, Snapple juice is a major market player based on its uniqueness. The company has revitalized its product image to respond to the latest market trends. A striking design and colors have ensured that the product can be recognized by customers everywhere (Snapple 12). The company can improve on its bottles in relation to the demands of different segments and target markets. Other aspects like tastes and flavors can be reviewed for sustainability.

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