Support of Capital Punishment in the United States

‘Capital Punishment’ means the obligation to death as a punishment for doing a crime. In the US, many states follow the system of capital punishment is strictly and most of the people support it even though some feel that it is not justifiable to terminate life of a human being as a mode of punishment.

“Awarding of capital punishment has decreased the number of crimes as the criminals fear death penalty and also the death penalty is given without parole till the execution. The Supreme Court has ruled that the death penalty should reflect the “conscience of the community,” and that its application should be measured against society’s “.”

Most of the criminals are hardcore and they do not have kindness to anyone. Such offenders will not worry about any usual punishment. But majority of them will be afraid of death penalties which will discourage them from committing crimes.

We can see that there are many criminals who come back from prison and repeat the same crimes. However, capital punishment will definitely act as a deterrent hardened criminal.

Besides, convicts sentenced for execution have to remain in detention till their execution and their will prevent them from coming to the society and committing any crimes Punishing such criminal with maximum penalty is necessary because they are social threats. Capital punishment acts as a deterrent for prospective criminals from committing a crime. Then the society can live without the fear of criminals.

Capital punishment is one of the legally recognized methods of punishment that, have been accepted in many states to punish hardened criminals. In America, capital punishment has been mainly supported and the reason behind this is that people believe that if any one commits a heinous offence of killing some one, the offender should be severely punished.

Men have no right to take the life of their fellow beings and if any one does such a crime he should be executed. A person’s life is precious than anything and if any one loss a relative or a family member, it is a painful thing. Many countries punish the offenders with a long time imprisonment because the governments are of the opinion that by this long life in prison the criminals will regret their misdeed.

But the US government seems to believe that a person commits a grave offence of murder he should be executed, and by a life long imprisonment such a criminal really be enjoying life because in the prison they are provided every comfort like free food three times a day, and full freedom to study besides facilities for recreation.

This rather becomes a burden on government exchequer.” According to statistics seventy percent of Americans are in support of the death penalty, while only thirty percent are against it”.

In a nutshell, if America takes a lenient view on capital punishment, chances are that crimes like murder, rape, child abuse are will increase. So the best options seem to be continuation with capital punishment which will act as a deterrent to offenders.

But the law enforcement system and judicial machinery should ensure that the interests of innocents are safeguards and only the real perpetrators of heinous crimes are awarded the extreme penalty of capital punishment.

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