Surviving Without a Car: A Guide

The world is moving into a direction where many aspects of life, which were previously considered luxurious, turn into necessities and essentials. Many would admit that they are capable of living without a television, a mobile phone, and etc., but actually, they do not.

Accordingly, in the course of the adaptation to these necessities, people abandon many good practices, whether social, involving physical activities, or just fun.

A modern man would say that a modern city puts requirements on some aspects without which it literally impossible to survive. One of such aspects could be considered a car. This paper argues with such a statement, providing a practical guide that gives clear instruction on “How to Survive without a Car.”

Survival Guide

Surviving without a car is an easy process that will provide a great benefit in social, physical, and financial terms. Additionally, the steps below will contribute to the environment protection, which is a major concern recently and part of everyone’s responsibility.

In order for the process to be easier and more enjoyable, it is recommended to move from large megalopolises to places with a slower pace. There are several steps that should be followed in order to survive without a car.

  • First of all, utilize public transportation. Public transportations are available everywhere. They are diverse, including buses and subways, and their routes reach every possible destination. In addition to the economic advantage, which will relieve you from gas, insurance, maintenance, and accordingly the car costs, the social advantage can be gained from communicating with people every day during the trip.
  • Secondly, use a bicycle. For shorter routes, bicycles, in addition to their cost-saving features, they provide a great exercise which would have cost you monthly fees going to the gym. If you are worried about your prestige or your outlook going to the work in a suit and riding a bicycle, you can remember that in some countries, bicycles are the most common methods of transportation, which is used by people from all ranks, including CEOs. In cases of megalopolises, it will also save you time, where because of traffic jams, a twenty-minute bicycle ride can take two hours in a car.
  • Thirdly, simply walk. People spend too much time sitting on desks, sitting in cars, and sitting on the couch that a regular walk can be advised by your physician. Being the most cost-effective solution, walking can be implemented for a route with short distances, improving your health and exempt from the necessity to find a parking space for your car.
  • Finally, reduce your routes that require transportation to the minimum. Instead of daily shopping, you can plan your purchases so that you can use transport less. You can plan shopping and purchasing days with your neighbors so that all of you can share or rent one transport. In that regard, both of you can save money, and you will not need an individual car for such a task.

Following the aforementioned steps, you will be able to make your life without a car, not only tolerable but also enjoyable in a sense. Based on your conditions, you can vary the steps implementing them one by one or following only one of them. After a period of time, you can look back and say that the car is not a necessity anymore and that you actually survived without it.

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