Technical Writing on Ethics


Ethical considerations in writings are of great importance as they determine the popularity of such writings and their significance to the society or the intended audience. In this regard therefore, writers should always be sensitive on what they portray in their works so as impact positively on the target audience for such writings.

More specifically, writers should be more attentive and sincere on the information they convey in their writings so as to create coherence and consistence in their works in the contemporary society.

Being focused on the discipline of rhetoric, writer need to delve deeper in writing works which conform to the norms in the society so as to gain popularity in their writings. This paper analyses technically the “516 Words” article through applying rules and quotes on ethical writing techniques (Dombrowski, 2000).

In the contemporary society, ethics has become one of the most important topics in technical communications in which writers ought to pay attention to it. On the process of transmitting technical information through writings, writers ought to realize that; the issue of ethics in such writings is inevitable.

In this regard therefore, the language used in such writings should be carefully scrutinized for ethical matters in the process of transmitting various pieces of information.

It ought to be noted that, the role of language in conveying information to the society can not be left unnoticed as it helps in shaping and creating of various writings. However, the writers ought to ensure ethical considerations in all their writings so as to ensure effectiveness and efficiency of their works (Dombrowski, 2000).

Perhaps, the role of ethics in professional writing of instructions remains inherent and significant to a great deal in the contemporary society. In this regard therefore, the ethical considerations in all aspects of writings should be considered.

It is of great importance to note that, the adoption of ethical considerations in writings conveys the attitude of the writer towards the society or the intended audience; and thus gaining of more popularity. Generally, the issue of ethical consideration in all writings remains inevitable to all writers as it determines the significance of such writings to the society (Jacobi, 2003).

In a situation where the purchaser fails to pay any installments of any purchase or any annual charge described elsewhere, or defaults in the performance of any other obligations; the seller is bound to taking various actions. First, the seller may declare the expiry of the contract and demand for full payment of the purchased commodities with accrued interests, taxes or any annual charges.

In this case, the seller may enforce conveyance of the land by termination of the contract in which the buyer would be liable to the full payments of the due amount to the seller. Depending on the terms attached to the contract, the purchaser shall be also liable to the attorney’s fee for the services rendered by any attorney on the behalf of the seller (Dombrowski, 2000).

Alternatively, the attorney may also sell any said collateral or auction part of it to the public incase the purchaser defaults any payments. In such a situation, it will be the role of the seller to deem the best of all the parties concerned for an effective solution.

Importantly, during the time of advertisement for the properties acting as the collateral, the purchaser may reinstate and recover his/her property through repaying the due amount plus the advertisement expenses. If the purchaser fails to comply, the judicial proceedings follow thereafter on the selling of the collateral properties.

It should also be noted that, the sale of the collateral properties should yield enough money to cater for all the expenses incurred it their sale and the initial due amount to seller (Jacobi, 2003). Perhaps, the amount raised should cater for court costs (but not limited to them), advertising expenses, auctioneers’ allowances, auditors’ fee and attorney’s fee among other costs.

More so, the costs incurred in the protection and execution of the contract with their appropriate interests is also payable using the money raised from the sale of the collateral properties. Further, the purchaser is also liable for compensation with a commission of five percent on the amount of said sale or sales for the collateral premises (Dombrowski, 2000).

Alternatively, the purchaser may also opt to pay liens of record against the collateral properties in their order of priority. In this respect, the expenses due should be paid according to their priority of lien and to the extent in which the funds remaining in the hands of the seller are available.

On this basis, the purchaser should be bound to any expenses including interest incurred thereafter as indicated by the contract. More specifically, the amount due payable to the seller is agreed to be paid at a later date in which; sort of contract renewal is made as well as its procession to the judicial system (Jacobi, 2003).


As it has been revealed in the above case, ethical dealings are quite essential in our day to day dealings in which the parties involved should strive at the full satisfaction of each. It therefore, leaves writers with the burden of presenting writings of any kind in ethical manner so as create enthusiasm to the readers. Generally, ethical writings should always be the key consideration among the writers so as to create coherence to their audience and the entire society.

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