Technology and Its Effects on Society

Technology is a capable aspect in the current world. Through technology, many goals have been achieved in the twentieth century and beyond. The power of technology plays an important role in aspects of our day to day life.

Also, technology is a very component in reproduction, communication, traveling, education, playing, and working. Nevertheless, technology has many negative impacts on society. This paper supports the argument that technology has more negative effects compared to positive ones in society. Technology has negative impacts on the environment, morals, and ethics of society, misuse of power, and insecurity.

The natural environment is under threat due to increased production of waste and harmful gases. Mainly technology is characterized by industrialization and production of chemicals. The main threat to the natural environment is the destruction of the ozone layer. Destruction or reduction of the ozone layer is caused by the production of greenhouse gases in high volumes. Carbon dioxide is one of these gases which are produced by industries.

Today, the world experiences high levels of air and water pollution. This pollution results from the excessive use of pesticides and fertilizers. Components of pesticides and fertilizers take long in air and soil. Further, they cause more harm than good. Also, extreme climatic changes and global warming are being experienced in the world today.

As a result, unusual environmental aspects like acid rain, smog, and temperature are on the rise. Breathing problems due to high levels of air pollution are evident. Reduction in forest cover is evident in the world today caused by the need to create space to expand industries and set up new ones. Therefore, we can conclude that technology has more negative impacts compared to positive ones.

Technology has led to the loss of moral values in society. Technology is characterized by the availability of unprotected information available on the internet, social media, and TV programs. As a result, young people are exposed to photography, which has led to irresponsible sexual behavior. The world today is experiencing an increase in unwanted pregnancies, abortions, and Sexual Transmitted Infections/Diseases.

Further, young generation seeks guidance and counseling on internet sources. The information in these sources can be misleading. Previously, children were guided and counseled by their parents. The world experiences lack unity of purpose among families.

Previously children could spend time together playing, riding bikes and socializing; such activities promoted child growth and unity amongst families. However, today, children spend time on video games, cell phones, internet, and television. As a result, social welfare has become weak, leading to individualism. Also, children are not as creative as they used to be.

Technology has led to misuse of power. Interaction mainly occurs online or through the internet. As a result, online chatting is used as a tool of communication where people do not want to meet. However, internet users are misusing their powers through bullying. Internet bullying is common among young people, and it is characterized by sending or posting of damaging messages and images through emails, texts, and social media.

Also, the origin of the messages is hard to establish. Effects of this bullying are negative and mostly affect the well being of society. Some of the effects are humiliation, low self-esteem, skipping school, and poor grades. Also, victims engage in the abuse of substances, especially alcohol and other drugs. Such impacts do not promote the wellness of the society. As a result, society today has ignorant young people who are involved in criminal acts. Moreover, nations rise against each other in search of superpowers.

Advanced technology has led to high levels of insecurity. Recently, the development of informal groups has increased as well as terrorist attacks. For example, the Al-Qaeda group has been a major threat to the world’s security. Human security is a crucial aspect in well- being of a society. The group undertakes terrorist attack in different parts of the world.

The group uses highly-developed weapons to strike. For example, the September 11 attack on Pentagon and bombing of the United States of America embassies in Kenya and Tanzania are associated with Al-Qaeda. Countries are producing power from nuclear.

Nuclear is also used in manufacturing explosives, which is a major threat to human security. Also, security is not assured in nuclear factories, and recently, the world witnessed deaths in nuclear factories. Such weapons and sects are a threat to human security resulting from advanced technology.

In conclusion, the negative impacts of technology outweigh the positive ones. The natural environment is greatly affected and is characterized by a reduction in forest cover and increased level of concentration of greenhouse gases. Also, society today experiences indiscipline and reduced unity among society members due to technology. Moreover, individualism has taken over, and unity of purpose in societies has reduced.

Technology promotes communication; however, internet bullying has outweighed the efficiency. As a result, young people are involved in drug abuse due to bullying. Further, the production of nuclear and other explosives poses a great challenge to human security. As a result, countries are spending more time and resources to address terrorism and ensure the safety of citizens.

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