The Problem of Wildfires in California

The problem of wildfires in California has been getting out of control due to the lack of opportunity to embrace such large areas and establish appropriate management of the key contributing factors. However, the problem still remains manageable. According to the study by Fu et al., the problem of wildfires can be handled by introducing satellite observation as the main tool in isolating the instances of fires and introducing immediate tools for putting them out as fast and effectively as possible (8327). The study can be credited for its profound assessment of the essential contributors to the problem of wildfires, namely, the human factor and the HCHO emissions. Published in a peer-reviewed journal and having been issued in 2018, the study is fully relevant and reliable, which is why its conclusions can be used as the foundation for the strategy for managing wildfires in Sierra Nevada Foothills.

The effects of wildfires on the environment and, particularly, the five elements of the ecosystem are quite dire, yet further research is needed to establish the full extent of the damage. In their research, Bidegain et al. examine the effects of wildfires on the five systems, particularly, the biosphere (8328). According to the study results, wildfires affect each of the five elements drastically, causing the levels of biodiversity to shrink and often leading to the threat of extinction for many species (Bidegain et al. 8329). The study deserves to be praised for its credibility due to the choice of an effective data collection tool. In addition, the article was published in a peer-reviewed journal in 2019, which makes it current and trustworthy. Adding to the dialogue about the effects of wildfires and the means of containing them, the article is also very relevant to the subject matter.

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