The Services of Professional Buyer

How the Person Got into Buying

The interviewee’s response regarding the beginning of his career confirmed that people become involved in professional buying when their talents in this area are acknowledged by others. The specialist stated that he started this work when he realized that present-day companies are willing to pay for his services. Since enterprises need to increase their profits, buying stocks seems to be an optimal solution to the task (Aitken & Paton, 2016). In this way, the professional buyer who was asked about his experience proved that such services would be in demand until this method of receiving benefits ceased to be efficient.

Key Differences between Personal and Professional Buying

From the interviewee’s point of view, the principal difference between personal and professional buying is in the latter’s more significant responsibility. According to him, it is conditional upon the fact that the mechanism of work of the companies which need these services implies their connection to all their business operations. From the psychological perspective, it also presents the challenge in terms of ensuring the enterprises’ sustainable development and the role of a professional buyer in the process. The possible complications and higher risks, in this case, are connected to the increased attention to social cues and future implications (Van Zeeland & Henseler, 2018). They play a significant role in the trust a specialist can gain, whereas this factor can be neglected in personal buying.

Professional Standards and Organizations

The interviewee emphasized the importance of following the guidelines in the work of professional buyers. He said that, as a member of the American Purchasing Society, he admits the responsibility presented by this entity’s certification rules, legal regulations, and management recommendations (“Procurement professional organizations,” n.d.). However, considering the work conditions presented above, this field is not interesting for me since the requirements are very stringent, and the job is extremely stressful.


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