“The Story of Cleveland Cavaliers” by Nate LeBoutillier

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Purpose of Writing the Book

The book “The Story of Cleveland Cavaliers” by Nate LeBoutillier is a masterpiece describing the history and achievements of Cleveland Cavaliers. This basketball team has produced great players.

The team’s history from 1970 to 2010s has been admirable. The author wrote this book in an attempt to explore the successes of the Cleveland Cavaliers (LeBoutillier, 2007). The author also wanted to examine the dramatic moments of the team. The author also wanted to inform more people about the aspects that were making the Cleveland Cavaliers successful.

Was the Above Purpose Achieved?

It is agreeable that the author achieved the targeted purpose after writing the book. The author of the text wanted to analyze the origin of the Cleveland Claviers. He also analyzed the achievements and backgrounds of various basketball players. He used the best sources in the book.

The approach made it easier for the author to analyze the achievements of different players. The author also used lively texts to describe the interesting history of the team (LeBoutillier, 2007). The authors also used different photos to inform more readers about the targeted information. That being the case, the book achieved most of the targeted goals.

My Personal Opinion about the Book

Basketball is one of my favorite sporting activities. I have always been studying the history of different basketball teams such as Brooklyn Nets and Cleveland Cavaliers. LeBoutillier’s book is a masterpiece that gives accurate details of the Cleveland Cavaliers. I have gained more insights and descriptions about the team (LeBoutillier, 2007).

The author uses lively texts and photos in order to present the best information. The author also uses effective descriptions, texts, photos, arguments, and analyses. These aspects make the book admirable to many readers.

Main Idea of the Book

As mentioned earlier, the book mainly focuses on the issues surrounding the Cleveland Cavaliers. According to the author, the team began playing in the National Basket Association (NBA) in the 1970s. The text also describes how the Cleveland Cavaliers (also called Cavs) has won several Central Division Championships (CDCs). The author also identifies specific players who have made this basketball team successful. Basically, this book describes the playoffs and the successes of the Cavs (LeBoutillier, 2007).

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Book

This book presents a number of strengths to the reader. To begin with, the book uses the best sources in order to describe the issues associated with the Cleveland Cavaliers. The author uses the best writing style. The book is easy to read. The use of clear pictures makes the book admirable.

The author also uses a systematic approach to analyze the achievements of the Cleveland Cavaliers (LeBoutillier, 2007). However, the author fails to support most of the arguments using the best sources. Some discussions in the book are also hard to read. This fact explains why Grade 6 learners might not understand most of these descriptions.

Recommending the Book to Other Readers

I strongly believe that the book “The Story of Cleveland Cavaliers” is worth reading. Every person who loves basketball will be happy to read this book. I liked the book because it offers a detailed analysis of the Cleveland Cavaliers. The book also presents numerous texts and discussions (LeBoutillier, 2007). I am therefore encouraging more people to read this book. The book will equip them with the best information about the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Reference List

LeBoutillier, N. (2007). The Story of Cleveland Cavaliers. New York, NY: Creative Education.

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