What Video Games Have to Teach Us

Living in times of blistering development of computer technologies, we should recognize the fact that they have a great influence on traditional things. Every day we observe more and more changes introduced by digital technologies. These technologies help people in their work and study, providing easy access to information.

However, society still does not use all possibilities which digital revolution gives us. People understood a great benefit of using a computer however, they still deny the possibility of using video games in the process of study. Meanwhile, their capabilities are limitless.

The article What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Learning and Literacy by James Paul Gee is devoted to this issue. The author is sure that the ability of video games to teach people is underestimated. He says that “schools, workplaces, families, and academic researchers have a lot to learn about learning from good computer and video games” [1, p.1].

To prove his words, the author gives clear evidences. He outlines some games, which he considers to be good examples of his words. Describing gaming process, the author also shows the reader in which way these games can help people to develop their skills and literacy.

Describing cultural aspect of the game Age of Mythology, the author stresses its positive role in obtaining knowledge about ancient mythology of different countries. The author underlines the fact that in games information is given in context that is why it is much easier for a person to understand and remember it. One more advantage of using video games in teaching process is described.

The author says that in the age of computer technologies it will be more interesting for young people to receive information with the help of video games, just playing. It will not bother them. Moreover, presence of additional information in a game can help to enlarge general knowledge of a person.

The author also outlines main learning principles which a good game obtains, underlining its ability to give information and remain challenging for a person. Moreover, he points out that video games can allow a person to be a producer, creating something new in virtual world.

Moreover, a though-out game can teach a person to be responsible, as in games like The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind players actions influence development of virtual world, making some changes. The last thing which the author mentions is that video games can develop insistence and creativity among players as some difficult task or situation in a game demands new skill or creative approach.

Having read this article, it is possible to obtain new information about video games and look on them from a different perspective. Moreover, this article is very important for better understanding of new media. It gives a clear image of what positive peculiarities video games have, how modern digital technologies influence our world and can be used in unusual way.

The author managed to create very interesting work which is easy to read and follow. Moreover, taking such cultic video games as Morrowind or Half Life as examples, he managed to sound very convincing. The article can be useful both for people which are interested in this issue and for those who just want to enlarge their knowledge about new media.

With this in mind, this article can be called very informative and useful as it helps to understand the concept of new media better.


[1] J.P. Gee, “What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Learning and Literacy” ACM Computers in Entertainment, vol. 1, no. 16, pp. 1 – 4, October 2003.

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