Views on Same-Sex Marriages

Senator Diane Savino made a strong speech about her views on same-sex marriages. she took a stand in front of her fellow senators in support of same sex marriage rights. she defends her view by using her friends as example to present them and advocate the idea of that they should not be denied the right to marry just because they are of the same sex. She argues that same sex people want to be as safe as other couples in their relationship.

They have their right just like other family. I agree with her statement because I believe that marriage is sharing the life with each other. We should be with two people love each other and seek to make a family.

Regardless of the gender of these two people. Gay marriage getting married is something most people do when they find love, they understand each other, and the most important thing for me is to be respectful. Love each other is an important event in their lives, so why does society view them with disapproval and prejudice.

They are human, so we have to respect their choices and their convictions. The major argument in same sex marriage should be allowed to marry is that there is no legitimate reason to withhold the right to a legal marriage from two persons love each other, regardless of a man and a woman or a man and a man or a woman and a woman. we should not discriminate between them.

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